When traveling to a foreign country, whether for a business trip or for pleasure, there are things you should ensure you avoid. It can be difficult to know what’s ok and what’s not, so read on for some pointers that should hopefully save you some trouble somewhere down the line.

Having Your Hair Done

Unless you can speak the language really, really well and you know that the hairdresser has a great portfolio and happy clients, you should probably avoid having your hair done. The standards in other countries can be very different, and the training provided won’t be the same. If you’re used to having your hair done back home, asking for the same thing in a foreign country won’t get you the same result. Do yourself a favor and have it done before you go or make sure you do plenty of research first. You can’t really afford to be picky or have an ‘exact’ picture in your mind if you’re leaving it in the hands of somebody who does not speak your language.

Drinking The Water

You probably already know this, but the most you should do with the water is brush your teeth and wash with it. Be very careful not to drink it, or you may end up bedridden for the remainder of your stay. 

Getting A More Serious Procedure

Many people are traveling to different countries to have things done, such as tooth composite bonding and Brazilian butt lifts. This is often because it’s cheaper and you get 5-star treatment, but there are still risks associated with these procedures and you should take them very seriously before you go. You can look at The Plastic Surgery Channel to learn more about what to expect if you want to know why people go to these places. 

Having a Tattoo or Piercing

Having a tattoo or piercing abroad might seem like a nice way to commemorate your trip, but again, things are very different over there. Booking in for a tattoo last minute will get you the same result as doing it back home – a poor tattoo not at all like what you envisioned. A piercing may be ok in some cases, but they may use different sized needles as standard, so be sure. You’ll also want to ensure hygiene practices are up to scratch.

Eating a ‘Vegetarian’ Dish Without Double Checking

Many countries consider ‘vegetarian dishes’ to be vegetable-based dishes that still contain meat or fish. Make sure you know what you’re eating.

Offending The Locals

Do your research based on where you’re going. Kissing in public or holding hands, and even showing the soles of your feet can be offensive in some countries. In some cultures, people will spit at you to protect you from evil – for obvious reasons, this would be unnerving and scary if you didn’t already know why they were doing it. Trying to understand a bit about the local culture and the personality of the people, as well as traditions and things that you’d never guess.