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5 spots to try out if you’re a solo traveler in Australia

5 spots to try out if you're a solo traveler in Australia We all dream of taking that once in a lifetime trip and exploring Australia, South East Asia and all the other exotic destinations on our bucket lists. Australia remains an incredibly popular travel destination – particularly where solo travelers are concerned. First-time [...]

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The Adventurer’s Guide to Fishing in Florida

When you think of Florida, do you imagine pristine beaches, family-friendly theme parks or seascape views? Florida has also earned its reputation as being the ultimate playground for fish enthusiasts because of the diversity of its fish population as well as access to fresh and saltwater angling and trawling. Here is the adventurer’s guide to fishing in Florida

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Car Vending Machines Are A Real Thing: Meet Carvana!

Carvana is an online service where you can buy or finance a certified used-car from the comfort of your couch. It is perfect for anyone who wants to bypass the negotiation process at a dealership, people with low credit scores, and potential shoppers who want to see the available rates with only a soft credit check.

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