Budapest is an absolutely stunning city. It is relatively small and walkable, it is rich in jaw dropping architecture, and the food and alcohol is cheap (& delicious). It is inexpensive and allows you the opportunity to splurge on 5 star hospitality, and best of all, Budapest is perfect for a [long] weekend trip!

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Nothing that I write here can prepare you for the emotions that you will experience in Cuba. What I will say, though, is that if you have an open mind, a sense of compassion, and the longing to get deeply intertwined in Cuban culture - it will be like nothing you have experienced before.

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How to take the PERFECT Picture

Did you ever see the perfect Instagram page where the pictures look like they were taken in the same place where unicorns reside? Did you ever envy the guy with the huge expensive camera? Yeah, well you can be almost as good ... with NO experience, and NO expensive equipment !

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