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25 09, 2018

Car Vending Machines Are A Real Thing: Meet Carvana!

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Carvana is an online service where you can buy or finance a certified used-car from the comfort of your couch. It is perfect for anyone who wants to bypass the negotiation process at a dealership, people with low credit scores, and potential shoppers who want to see the available rates with only a soft credit check.

16 09, 2018

5 Books You Absolutely Must Read During Your Next Flight

2018-09-16T12:41:21+00:00September 16th, 2018|Recent, Thing to Do, tips|2 Comments

Hopefully in this post you will find the book that strikes a chord and makes you want to read more. I've selected these books because they are relatively easy to read and understand, they are page turners, and they have an absorbing story line. Below are 5 books you absolutely must read during your commute (in no particular order)!

6 03, 2018

Learning From History & Nature In Their Most Phenomenal Forms

2018-03-06T07:38:47+00:00March 6th, 2018|Thing to Do|0 Comments

s people, we are often trapped inside our bubble. This is perfectly normal because we are our bubble to a degree. However, this can sometimes stick with us as we travel. Of course, heading to a new territory doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose all of your memories of home, or all the other things you might consider. Just think of how spoiled a vacation feels when you have an argument with those you trust and love.

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