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Be Flexible!

You can save a lot of money by being flexible with your departure and return dates! The websites below offer great deals on specific dates. If you can, work around them.

Book Separately!

Sometimes a roundtrip ticket from the same airline isn’t the cheapest option. Always research if you can book two one way tickets, perhaps from different airlines or airports.

Get Online!

Did you know that some airlines charge you for checking in at the airport and printing your boarding pass there? Always try to check-in to your flight online and the sooner you do it, the better chances you’ll get a good seat (if that option is available). You’ll also save a lot of time because you can bypass the airline counters at the airport entirely.

Carry-on Sizing!

Luggage rules are quite important, especially on budget airlines. Carry-on’s come in different sizes: there is the domestic and international carry-on size.  Check the luggage rules on the airline’s website to ensure you are carrying the appropriate size.