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When you are on your travels you tend to pack lightly as no one wants to lug around a heavy suitcase filled with things you may or may not use. You pack meticulously and each and every item has to serve a purpose otherwise there is no point in taking it with you. If you’re not going to use it, it stays at home, and because of this careful planning that you have learned to master over the years, you acquire a host of beauty tips and tricks to make traveling that little bit easier. 

However, over the years you may not have managed to master getting your hair quite right and either leave it loose or quickly throw it up before you head out of the hotel room. If this sounds like you and you are wondering how you can make your hair look effortlessly chic when you’re on vacation then keep reading. This blog post is going to talk about some of the best low maintenance haircuts and hairstyles for every hair type that you can manage easily when traveling, whether you have long, medium, or short hair. 

Hair essentials for your vacation

Even though you may be trying to pack lightly to save space for souvenirs in your suitcase or carry on, there are some hair essentials that you should try to take with you to make sure your hair stays in place throughout the day. 

The last thing you want to be doing on your trip is fiddling with your hair all the time. These are some of the things you should pack that won’t take up too much room and will come in very useful.

  • Anti-frizz hair serum to tame unruly hair. 
  • Hair ties to help you secure hair.  
  • Bobby pins for holding updos in place. 
  • Hair scarf to add as a stylish accessory. 
  • Stylish hair clips to use as an alternative to hair ties. 

Short hairstyles

When you have a short haircut like the lob, it can be hard to style if you don’t have the right products and hair tools with you. So unless your curling tong is an essential packing item for you when traveling, you may need to consider some different ways to style your hair. 

Half up hair clip

While it is easy to reach for the hair tie and just put your hair up for the duration of the trip, it can damage your hair if you use one all the time. For an alternative to the hair tie, why not go for an accessory like a cute hair clip to tie half your hair up? It will keep your hair out of the way all day and it looks pretty stylish too! 

Braid with a side part

For a trendy look, you could style your hair into a single braid with a deep side part. This will look great if you have natural curls and want to keep them looking chic all day and night. 

Half up top knot

For the days when your hair is starting to look a little bit on the greasy side, quickly spray your roots with some dry shampoo (this is an essential product to take with you as it will save so much time and effort) and put the top half of your hair up into a messy bun. This is a perfect go-to short hairstyle. 

Medium hairstyles

A lot of people think that because medium length is the go-to haircut for many women that it’s one of the easiest to style but that’s not necessarily true. Medium length hair can be one of the hardest to style but if you are armed with the right hair accessories on your vacation you can make these hairstyles look effortlessly chic.

French braid

The French braid, loved by many but mastered by few. Once you have nailed this hairstyle you will not want to wear your hair any other way, especially on holiday. It’s perfect for when you’re on the go all the time when traveling because it keeps every single piece of hair out of your face. Plus when you take the braid out you are left with the most beautiful waves. 


For a quick and easy hairstyle, the top knot is a classic. It’s great for those days when your hair is looking greasy but you don’t have time to do much with it. No heating tools are required; it’s just a simple twist of your hair into a high bun and you’re done, or you can always add a cute hairband to finish it off. 

Topknot with scarf

If you want a more stylish hair-do to look cute in your vacation photos, you can tie a knotted scarf to your hair. This will look better if your hair is tied up.

Long hairstyles

Even though there’s more of it to style, long hair is relatively easy to manage when you’re on a trip. If you’ve got hair ties and bobby pins, you should be good to go. 

Twisted side braid

This is a pretty hairstyle that looks chic and will keep your hair out of your face. If you’re off out exploring all day and heading out to dinner with not much time in between, then this is a great way to do your hair. No one will guess that it took you so little time to do either!

Crown braid

For another chic look and a twist on an up-do, put your hair into a crown braid. This hairstyle won’t take long at all but it will look like you’ve spent ages on it. Don’t forget to use bobby pins to help keep this ‘do in place throughout the day. 

Double topknot

The double topknot is a great hairstyle for when one topknot just isn’t enough! It’s a playful hairstyle guaranteed to keep hair out of the way, just remember to use bobby pins to help secure it in place. 

We hope that these quick and easy hairstyles mentioned in this post will help you manage your hair when traveling and keep it looking effortlessly chic all day.