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MONGOLIA: 5 Things You Need to Know, And Why You Should Go!

Mongolia is not for everyone ... but if you let it, it will change you the same way it changed me. Jaw dropping scenic drives, a complex culture intertwined with a simple lifestyle … unbeaten paths, delicious home cooked meals and unparalleled with hospitality.

3 Must Visit Destinations For The Perpetual Backpacker

As a perpetual backpacker, you love the thought of spontaneous travel with nothing more than a rucksack on your back, a spot of local currency in your pocket and a smile on your face. Backpacking affords you the ultimate freedom to explore the globe while traveling light.

Budget City Guide: Atlanta, Georgia

If you’re looking to go on a fun adventure this year, then look no further. Atlanta, Georgia is the perfect place to visit where you can get a taste of both historic and modern vibes. Whether you are a local here or even just a tourist, there are plenty of new and exciting things to discover.

5 Tips to save money on car gas on road trip

Road trips constitute the perfect means of getting close to the best landscapes and amenities; except for that one major problem that is expenses. Fortunately, we are here to help you save money on your road trip by arming you with the right information.

Guest Post: NYC on a Budget!

You are ready for New York and Lady Liberty is ready for you. Now you need to decide where to go and how you can see as much as possible without breaking the bank. Look no further. Here are top money saving tips for your trip to the Big Apple plus many free things to do.

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