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1206, 2018

MONGOLIA: 5 Things You Need to Know, And Why You Should Go!

Mongolia is not for everyone ... but if you let it, it will change you the same way it changed me. Jaw dropping scenic drives, a complex culture intertwined with a simple lifestyle … unbeaten paths, delicious home cooked meals and unparalleled with hospitality.

1104, 2018

3 Must Visit Destinations For The Perpetual Backpacker

As a perpetual backpacker, you love the thought of spontaneous travel with nothing more than a rucksack on your back, a spot of local currency in your pocket and a smile on your face. Backpacking affords you the ultimate freedom to explore the globe while traveling light.

2803, 2018

Budget City Guide: Atlanta, Georgia

If you’re looking to go on a fun adventure this year, then look no further. Atlanta, Georgia is the perfect place to visit where you can get a taste of both historic and modern vibes. Whether you are a local here or even just a tourist, there are plenty of new and exciting things to discover.

1211, 2017

5 Tips to save money on car gas on road trip

Road trips constitute the perfect means of getting close to the best landscapes and amenities; except for that one major problem that is expenses. Fortunately, we are here to help you save money on your road trip by arming you with the right information.

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The Best Budget Travel Tips That WILL Save You Money On The Travel

Travel tips are necessary for making your travelling worry-free. However, everyone cannot give you the right travel tips. You need to have the best and budget-friendly travel tips to make sure that you travel without hassles.

At ‘Elona the explorer’ we give you the best budget travel tips to accommodate your travel to any part of the world. Elona herself is a passionate traveller who has been travelling around the world for exploring various things.

Elona says that she has no such intentions to help anyone to travel on a budget but finding cheaper flights and accommodations. It is also a fact that travels will have specific costs but good budget travel tips by an experienced traveler can make you enjoy your voyaging experience.

Elona simply helps you to know that the budget you are spending is worth the travel. And what’s more? A passionate traveler will be happy once he gets to know that he is not wasting his time or money. Whether you are on a family vacation or office tour, Elona will guide you to plan your journey perfectly.

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