Finding historic places to stay can put a little spin on your next vacation. All over the world, there are genuinely exciting destinations that offer the chance to learn something new among the shadows of the past. From epic buildings to haunted castles, here are some suggestions.

Plantations of the USA

The United States is relatively young but has a vibrant and varied history. From the landings in Virginia to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a strong culture has been forged over the past few hundred years. However, a core part of the history of the US is the civil rights movement and the treatment of African Americans. Boone Hall Plantation Gardens is one of the best historic places to stay in Charleston among a rich heritage of people of color in the US.

In the Shadow of Something Colossal

The Roman Empire is among the most potent and impactful movements in world history. As such, there are tons of historic places to stay in Rome and, indeed, across Italy. There are many hotels and villas located near places such as the Colosseum. Other European countries also offer epic lodgings such as villas with views of ancient Greek ruins. And have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in the shadow of the Great Pyramid of Giza?

Historic Places to Stay in London

If you are looking for historic places to stay in the UK, then you can’t really go wrong with London. London is one of the most popular places in the world, with between 7 and 20 million visitors each year. There’s so much, a weekend trip isn’t enough. London has historical buildings, Royal palaces, and Jack the Ripper murder tours! Just outside of London, you can also stay near UK National Heritage sites such as Lanesborough House at Hyde Park Corner.

Haunted Castles and Estates

Every country has stories of hauntings and the supernatural. None are so alluring as the ones set among the confines of sprawling elite estates and fairytale castles. Hopefully, there aren’t too many when you search “Historic places to stay near me”! Staying in some of these places offers a fun family stay among what may or may not be ghosts! Some of the best include Chillingham Castle in the UK, Dragsholm Castle in Denmark, and Kilkea Castle in Ireland.

Among Sophisticated Works of Art

For the more sophisticated family, what could be more alluring than staying among the finest artworks of the world? The first place that comes to mind is, of course, Florence, the capital of fine art. Among the most historic places to stay in Florence include the Duomo Rooms, Botticelli Hotel, and Piazza Pitti Palace. Of course, most major cities also have impressive art galleries. Liverpool, Paris, and New York are perfect examples if you feel like a city break.


The plantations of the southern US offer stunning historic places to stay where you can learn some rich history. Major cities like London are also home to palaces and castles. Indulge your passion for fine art by staying at historical places in sophisticated cities like Florence.