How Can You Protect Your Home During Extended Travels?

Security reports indicate that burglaries and home break-ins peak in the summer months, with a 10% increase from June to August. Therefore, as the US is still in the middle of summer, you will want to keep this in mind. The summer months are also almost synonymous with trips since many Americans go on vacation at this time. Apart from observing vacation safety, it will be helpful to consider ways to protect your home while away on extended travels. Below is a list of how to exercise caution when your home is unoccupied.

1. Alert your alarm company

According to the New York Times, slightly less than 30% of the American population have home security systems. While the percentage is still too low and raises concerns about home protection, experts say subscribers have a higher security advantage. This comes of great use when homeowners with security systems have to travel for extended periods. You can alert the alarm company of your absence and double up the attention your home receives. 

Statistics indicate that 38.5% of home break-ins happened when occupants were on vacation or traveling for extended periods. By alerting the alarm company, any system triggers can be easily checked to ensure your home is safe. Before you set off, turn the alarm on and ensure it’s working as it should. Depending on the security system you signed up for, you can even monitor your home remotely using a smartphone.

2. Secure high-value items or find better storage for them

Your valuables are not meant to be kept around without some thought into safely securing them. Portable valuables can be kept in a safe at home. If you don’t own one, you can explore the safe deposit box option. You will want to research the procedures before settling on a specific company offering that service.

On the other hand, what can you do with high-value items that cannot be kept in safes? For example, if you own a recreational boat, how would you secure it? Already, 11.9% of Americans own one, and some companies can help you keep them safe. With a proper search, you can find storage for your boat. The objective is to settle on a company with an impressive track record. 

3. Invest in smart lighting

This is an advanced way to light up your home through a digital platform like an app. America’s smart lighting market growth rate is expected to hit 22.6% by 2028. That is an indication that more households are turning to this technology to boost home security. And a person or family embarking on an extended vacation cannot overlook the benefits.

Smart lighting systems allow you to operate your home’s illumination remotely. That can help create the impression of being at home, especially when you’re not. It is recommended to try this option at least one week before traveling. It is an opportunity to test how the system works.

To conclude, a vacation is supposed to be relaxing, and you may not be able to achieve this if you’re constantly worried about the safety of your home. These tips should help you with that.