As a perpetual backpacker, you love the thought of spontaneous travel with nothing more than a rucksack on your back, a spot of local currency in your pocket and a smile on your face. Backpacking affords you the ultimate freedom to explore the globe while traveling light. Whenever you set foot on home soil, it doesn’t take long for that wanderlust itch to need scratching once again. And once more you take off to explore another far-flung destination. If you haven’t done so already, take a look at these potential travel hotspots to visit on your next backpacking adventure.

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The Land of the Rising Sun is often overlooked for the cheaper and more hostel strewn South Korea, Vietnam and China as a potential backpacking destination. However, Japan has a lot on offer for the culture vulture. With thousands of years of Buddhist and Shinto history adorning the landscape and the finest rail transport system known to man to whizz you between sights, Japan is well worth a visit. Venturing over to the East means you can immerse yourself in a new culture, try different cuisine and enjoy meeting the friendliest and most helpful people on the planet. You could hot foot it to Hiroshima, try to hunt down the wild deer on the idyllic island of Miyajima or do some temple hopping across Kyoto. With awe-inspiring sights like the giant Buddha of Nara, you can’t fail but be enchanted by this magnificent Far Eastern nation.



Every backpacker’s idea of paradise, Thailand is a Robinson Crusoe type island nation. Since the Leonardo DiCaprio hit, ‘The Beach’ entered cinemas in 2000, travelers from across the globe have flocked to Koh Samui and other less frequented islands. The ultimate hedonistic, peaceful and relaxing destination, you could find yourself whiling away the hours snorkeling with the most spectacular reefs and tropical fish, partaking in a spot of yoga in Chiang Mai or venturing to the Tiger Temple in Lum Sum. Cheap and full of like-minded travelers, you will inevitably make some backpacking buddies for life.



If a cooler climate is more your style, why not consider a jaunt to Iceland. You will have the chance to witness the impressive natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, you can walk across an enormous glacier, take part in a snowshoeing tour of the north of the island nation and set sail in search of humpbacks and minke whales off the coast of Reykjavik. Winter is the most spectacular season with frozen waterfalls and vast geysers adorning the almost lunar landscape. Head to the capital, and you could be in for a gastronomic treat of pickled herring, skyr and stews. Base yourself in Reykjavik, and you won’t be far from a couple of active volcanoes that you may wish to explore.

The next time you are whipping on your backpack to set off on another adventure, why not take a look at these destination ideas for inspiration.