Flying private is something that many scribble on their bucket lists but only few get to experience. Sitting in God’s lap is becoming more and more attainable to mortals like you and me thanks to companies like JetSuiteX, who are revolutionizing air travel as we know it. With a profitable business model and efficient operations, JetSuiteX is able to offer the freedom of private and semi-private flying to more and more people without breaking their banks.

Think back to your last flight experience: Do you remember going to the airport and waiting in the line of cars to reach the terminal? Perhaps you had to take a train and then another train? Dropping off your luggage, waiting in the security line, which can either be very short or very long (but you probably got to the airport early anyway), and then waiting by the gate to board? If the latter scenario sounds familiar then a JetSuiteX flight will be a sweet alternative. Even if you don’t particularly mind the hustle and bustle of pre-flight activities – feeling like a million bucks (at a 99.99% discount) is a nice little gift that you should give yourself, at least once in your life!

The JetSuiteX experience is about as seamless as it gets. Whether you are a business traveler heading to an important meeting or if you’re splurging (but not really) on a quick weekend getaway to LA like me – JetSuiteX will guarantee a day free of eye rolls and deep troubled breaths. As of now, JetSuiteX operates on the West Coast between Concord (Napa Valley), Oakland (San Francisco area),  San Jose, Burbank (LA area), and Las Vegas. Instead of the airport, the experience begins in a private hangar which is essentially a large airplane garage. Arguably the most quintessential part of the experience is that you can arrive between 30 and 40 minutes prior to the flight. However if you do decide on coming early, there is a comfortable seating area with TV’s, drinks and snacks – similar to an airport lounge.

The second unique value prop is that there is no TSA screening a.k.a no security lines! As soon as you arrive at the hangar, you drop off your bags at the front desk (bag limits are a staggering 50 lbs.), check in for your flight with a drivers license and get your boarding pass. That’s the entire pre-flight process!

JetSuiteX is the child-company of JetSuite. The difference between the two is that JetSuite offers private charters of the Phenom 100, Phenom 300, and E135 jets at three different membership levels while JetSuiteX is a no-strings-attached semi-private service at attractive rates as low as $100 one way. Semi-private constitutes that the jet has 30 seats and no middle seats.

JetSuiteX seats resemble those of short haul business class cabins on regular domestic airlines. There is a lot of leg room, outlets, wifi, complimentary cocktails and snacks on board. Alex Wilcox, JetSuiteX CEO and former executive at JetBlue, obviously understands the frustration that comes with spending hours to get on a short haul flight … especially one that requires you to pay extra for everything onboard.

JetSuiteX is affordable, it’s practical and it’s efficient – which, quite honestly, is everything I want out of every flight experience. The next time you are planning a trip to the West Coast, take someone you love on a quick weekend trip to LA or Napa or even Vegas and you will undoubtedly blow them away with the experience!

To book a flight you visit, download the JetSuiteX app, or call 800 iFLYJSX. (435-9578). 

JetSuiteX was kind enough to fly me to LA for a weekend. This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.