As we hurtle towards spring and then summer we don’t want to miss out on another vacation season. Jetting off to exotic climates might be out of the question during the pandemic but there is a lot to see and do at home. Consider packing up the RV and heading to Maine. 

Maine has a ton of activities and sightseeing to offer. This rich coastal state has a diversity of distinctive cultures and activities. It has thousands of lakes to enjoy as well as deep forests and sandy beaches. Don’t forget about its excellent cities as well. 

New Hampshire

The fact is that America is a huge and expensive landmass with some of the most spectacular natural beauty and distinctive cultures in the world. What would you not want to take a staycation in this wonderful place? If you’re stuck for ideas head to New Hampshire. 

New Hampshire is another American state that’s filled to the brim with spectacular scenery. This state is home to lakes, beaches, waterfalls, woods, mountains, and coasts. You can ski in the winter and hike in the summer, there are also several historical sites that you won’t want to miss. 

Pigeon Forge

Do you love the mountain wilderness? In the winter it is barren, quiet, misty, magical, then in the summer, you will find it is green, bright, musical, and lively. There are a million reasons to head to Pigeon Forge in normal times, but it makes even more sense this year during the pandemic. 

This spring break or for a staycation this summer why not load up the family RV and head to Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. A pigeon forge trip will give you and your family the chance to experience the great American outdoors where you will hike, see wildflowers, and stay in an authentic mountain cabin. 


Vermont is another place on the American road map you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you visit this year or on autumn occasion, Vermont is one of those places that stays with you forever. If you love natural beauty and the great outdoors, go here. 

Vermont is a mid-eastern state located just north of Massachusetts and east of New Hampshire. Although it’s landlocked you’ll find plenty of lakes to boat in and mountains to ski on. In summer, the state offers hiking, biking, fishing, and boating – perfect for a staycation this summer. 

New York

New York is not just home to one of the most lively cities in the country, and arguably the world. It also has a plentiful supply of natural beauty and wonders to occupy the time of staycation visitors this summer. Once again you can choose between magical mountains, lakes and splendid forests.

New York State is often voted as the best place for family vacations, so bear that in mind when planning this summer’s family staycation. You could enjoy the immaculate lawns and crystal clear waters of Lake George, or the educational programs of the shores of Chautauqua Lake.