Whether you are going on a staycation this year or venturing further afield, a vacation rental is a popular option for many couples and families. A vacation rental is a cabin, cottage, boat, or some other renovated space that allows tourists to stay there home from home. There is no room service or hotel bar – although there might be somewhere local to go. 

A vacation rental is a popular choice because it allows families in particular to vacation in a place on their own terms. But there is a drawback to this seemingly utopian situation. The trouble is you can never bring all of your home essentials with you to a vacation rental. There’s simply too much to carry. This leaves you lacking certain items at important times because there was no room to take them. 

Don’t despair, help is at hand. The secret to packing effectively for a vacation rental is all in the organization of your things prior to leaving. You need to make lists and prioritize your items so that you’re always in full control of your supplies. Begin by creating broad categories such as general, clothing, gadgets, kitchen, bath, sleep, and kids. You can do this in a notebook or an app. 

After you have your categories you can start to fill them up with anything and everything that comes to mind. Remember to leave enough time to do this so you don’t forget important items. When you think you have everything it’s time to arrange the list into priorities based on the space you have available. 

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