Are you planning on taking some days off to a distant place far away from all the maddening rush at your workplace? Or perhaps you want to let go of all anxieties? Well, a trip to Sri Lanka is the ultimate kicker. Sri Lanka may be such a small island, but it is an amazing travel destination offering a wide range of charming places to explore.

With its mosaic landscape and topography, pristine beaches, and diversity of its wildlife (to mention just but a few) Sri Lanka has so much to offer whether you want a group trip with your family or planning a solo vacation. Before we dive into the virtual trip of the 5 best Sri Lanka tourist spots you must visit, first read how to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s jump in.

1. Jaffna -Explore the Historical Architecture

Jaffna is the capital city of Northern Province of Sri Lanka.


Jaffna is the capital city of Northern Province of Sri Lanka. It is my number one tourist spot I can advise you to visit if you’re looking for a religious place to tour. I’ve included it on this list because it has some of the most beautiful temples, thus the best attraction for a spiritual retreat. The temple of Nallur Kovil is the most visited place where you’ll enjoy the view of the ancient architecture. Apart from the temples, the Jaffna Fort is another attraction that you’ll be excited to see. It is not just a monument to admire but also Sri Lanka’s historical symbol. That said, Jaffna is not just for spiritual tourists but also for those who are interested in history and culture.

Best time to tour Jaffna: January-September and December. During this time, the climate is superb and temperatures are warm.

2. Anuradhapura -See the Bodhi Tree


Anuradhapura is an ancient sacred capital and one of the top tourist places in Sri Lanka as it gives visitors a ride into the past. This beautiful tourist destination gained its importance after a piece of the Buddha’s fig tree was brought there. But why exactly should you step a foot in this place? Well, do you remember Lord Buddha? This is the same piece of fig tree under which he achieved his enlightenment, hence the reason why it is called the tree of enlightenment. By visiting Anuradhapura, you’ll be stepping on a sacred place that protected the tree from wild elephants in the time of King Kirthi Sri Rangasingha. Also, besides the Bodhi tree, you can also visit other evocative temples, religious places, statues, ruins, and structures in Anuradhapura.

Best time to visit Anuradhapura: September and April.

3. Trincomalee -The Temple City


As an island, Sri Lanka is heavily surrounded by beaches and if you’re somebody who is deeply into whitewater rafting, diving, kayaking among other water sports, then Trincomalee is your best destination. This place is blessed with the most beautiful, calm, and warm beach – in short, it has everything that a beach should offer to visitors. And, speaking of water, whether you’re a complete diving professional or a first-time diver, the Sri Lanka Diving Tours (instructors) will guide you so you get the best experience of visiting the place. Apart from this, there are several temples with marvelous architecture that you can see.

Best time to visit Trincomalee: If you want to indulge in water activities and watch exotic fish species or discover hidden reefs, February-April is the best time for you to visit Trincomalee.

4. Dambulla Golden Cave Temple -Witness the Murals


The most popular among the 5 Sri Lanka tourist spots you must visit is the Dambulla Golden Cave Temple in Dambulla. This place was declared to be the UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1991. You’ll be able to see the 5 caves and also view over 150 statues, paintings, and sculptures of Buddha.

Even without visiting the cave temple, you’ll for sure stumble on other classy places like Sigirya, which also happen to be in Dambulla.


Sigirya is a huge rock formation that was made to be a palace. The palace sits on a rock that is 220Mtrs high. Trust me, it’s hard not to be stunned by the view.

Best time to visit Dambulla: You can visit this place any time of the year but, to avoid the crowd, it will be wise to get there early morning or late afternoon when others are leaving.

5. Yala National Park


Yala national park is home to a host of wildlife and birds. If you want to get dazzled by Leopards, Asian Elephants, Buffalos, Crocodiles, and other amazing species of animals like birds, Yala National Park is a wildlife lover’s paradise. If you’ve been to other parks, then you must know that Leopards are very rare. However, at Yala, Leopards are in large numbers. You can see them even in broad daylight. Besides the fauna, the park has incredible, varied environments and ecosystems. You can explore the marine and beach, or view the tropical rainforests not forgetting the Buddhist temples and shrines. A visit to all these gorgeous tourist spots in Sri Lanka will make a memorable experience for you and your tour mates.

Best time to visit Yala national park:  February-June (a dry season) with high chances of spotting wildlife.

Summing Up

I hope you’ve been inspired by these 5 Sri Lanka tourist spots you must visit. As you’ve seen, it promises the perfect adventure not only for a solo vacation but also for a family and group day off.

The amazing nature, wild animals, temples with historical architecture are some places you can’t afford to miss on your Sri Lanka’s places to visit list. The Srilankan airlines price is welcoming and affordable, so together, let’s tour Sri Lanka.