Planning for a 3 Day Trip In Qatar

The middle east is filled with enchanting holiday destinations. Whether you want to bask in the luxury of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, or take in the history of Manama, Bahrain, there is a lot to see and do. If you’re looking for adventure in a place where modern architecture and technologies blend in perfectly with history and cultural arts, then look no further than Qatar. 

When you set foot in this remarkable peninsular Arab country, you will find the cool breeze of the Persian Gulf mixing gently with the warm, arid air of the desert. As one of the richest countries in the world, Qatar is not only safe but filled with things to do. In order to help you plan your next holiday, here are some planning tips for a 3 day trip in Qatar!

When to Visit

Qatar is located in the Middle East and therefore has a very, VERY hot summer. The best time to visit this stunning country is during the winter months. As well as in late autumn or early spring. That way you get a warm climate, without having to suffer through intense 120-degree weather! Simply check air Arabia ticket price options for the colder months and you’ll find some amazing deals. 

Packing for 3 Days in Qatar

Since it is quite warm all year round, it is best to pack light clothing. Make certain to pack layers, because when the sun goes down, it can get quite chilly. It is more relaxed than other countries in the Middle East, but it is best to stick to less revealing attire. Choose light fabrics and light colors and you can still enjoy the sun and beaches without overheating. 

Safety First

There is an unfortunate stigma when it comes to traveling to Middle Eastern countries. Qatar has an incredible low crime rate, and is considered one of the safest countries in the world. (It ranks 16th) Political stability, diversity, and a wide range of fellow world travelers will help you feel more comfortable here. 

However, keep in mind that this is an extremely conservative culture. Sharia Law is practiced here, so there are some cultural differences from more Western societies.

Here are a few things to avoid while staying here: 

  • Criticizing the ruling family and the Emir
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Taking any drugs or illicit substances
  • Wearing revealing clothing
  • Discussing political topics in public 

Simply put, be respectful of local customs and laws, and you won’t have any issues. Just like traveling to any other foreign country in the world! 

Where to Go in Qatar

The most exciting place to stay would be the city of Doha. Not only is there a seemingly never-ending list of things to do, but it is also the capital city! Here are all the places you can fit into a three-day itinerary:

Souq Waqif

One of the most fun places to visit in the city is the market of Souq Waqif. Here you can haggle for local garments, spices, crafts, and souvenirs. Be certain to come here with an appetite, as there are quite a few amazing restaurants, Shisha Lounges, and street food vendors. You can go on your own, or you can book a tour to learn every piece of history and information about this incredible place. 

Don’t forget to see the Falcon Souq while you’re there. This is a famous location for selling falconry supplies and falcons. You can see Qatari falconry demonstrations and may even get to pet one of these elegant predators! 

Doha Corniche

Walk along the beautiful waterfront on one of the many stunning landscaped pathways. There are sculptures, monuments, and even public gardens! You can really see the Doha West Bay from here, and take in the city skyline.

Al Thakira Mangroves

You may think of Qatar and think of the desert, but you’d be surprised to learn that the Al Thakira Mangroves are incredibly green and diverse. Here you will find wildlife in all its splendor with migrating flamingos, herons, fish, and the lush green mangrove forest. The best way to see this incredible hot-spot is through a local kayak tour. 

Museum of Islamic Arts

Visiting Qatar wouldn’t be complete without stopping into the Museum of Islamic Arts. Here you can find a vast collection of Islamic art and exhibits from all over the world. The building was designed by I.M. Pei (pyramid at the Louvre) and the architecture is a stunning part of the Doha Skyline.

Other Notable Locations

  • Barzan Towers
  • Taking a Dhow Cruise
  • Al Shahaniya Racetrack
  • Taking a Desert Tour
  • Sheikh Faisal Al Thani Museum

3 Day Trip in Qatar for a Holiday You’ll Never Forget

Three days may not seem like a lot, but you can fit a large amount of attractions and natural wonders into your stay in Qatar. Use this helpful guide to help you plan and you will have a holiday you won’t soon forget!