No matter if you are planning an NYC winter trip with your family or a two-week getaway to the Bahamas, it is essential to create a schedule that everyone will enjoy and find fulfillment from.

It doesn’t matter who is planning or paying for the trip, you will want to ensure that everyone has the best time. To do so, it is essential to plan the right activities so that everyone can get involved and share quality time together. 

On that note, here are some amazing ideas for activities that will get the whole family involved on your next trip.

An outdoor adventure course.


Team building activities that are outdoors are a great option when looking for things to do as a family. So long as they are safe for all ages, an adventure course will help everyone bond and have fun. 

For example, a high ropes course is a safe and fun activity for all ages from 8+. For children and teenagers who generally avoid any type of activity or exercise, this course will engage them as it offers adrenaline and adventure. It will likely be able to entice anyone, even if they often say no to outdoor activities. 

Therefore, using fun-filled activities, you can ensure to get everyone involved on your next family trip.


Whether or not your family members enjoy exercise or the open water, kayaking is a great activity to get everyone activity, working together, and over their fear of the sea. Being in a boat is the best way to help those that fear the open water, as it gives them a sense of protection. Likewise, having someone on the small boat will them will help them feel a bit more secure. Hence, ensure to hire double kayaks for anyone who is incapable or fearful of kayaking alone. 

Kayaking is a great way to explore local lakes or the beautiful coastline of your chosen destination. You can shore up and have a lunchtime picnic on the beach or make it competitive and have a race to see who can get to the end first. 

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is another exercise and activity that is safe for almost all ages. You will be able to find child-friendly courses if you have young ones in the family. 

Rock climbing is a great activity to help people overcome their fear of heights and also ensure that everyone can try something new and outside of their comfort zone. 

Dance class

Although some younger children might shy away from pertaining in a dance class with their parents, it is a great way to bond and get them over their childhood embarrassment stage. 

Dancing should be the top travel activity for your next family trip if you have never tried one before. You can get involved with the culture and dance like the locals and have the best few hours bonding with your family. Make sure that everyone gets involved so that you can overcome fear and try something new together.