The Adventurer’s Guide to Fishing in Florida

When you think of Florida, do you imagine pristine beaches, family-friendly theme parks or seascape views? Florida has also earned its reputation as being the ultimate playground for fish enthusiasts because of the diversity of its fish population as well as access to fresh and saltwater angling and trawling. Here is the adventurer’s guide to fishing in Florida which provides everything you need to know about outdoor fishing expedition experiences that will leave you wanting for nothing more than another visit to the fishing capital of the world.


Do you consider yourself an avid angler? If so, then your first stop in your fishing expedition must be to Clearwater, Florida to experience the best that Legendary Adventures Charters has to offer. Better yet, this location promises year-round access to deep water fish like mahi-mahi, barracuda, tuna, snapper, shark and grouper. Unlike their competition, The Legend was built to comfortably experience all that the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean waters have to offer including deep sea hot spots like the Florida Keys, the Middle Grounds and the Loop. What better way to return at the end of the trip than to a delicious plate of your daily catch with your best fishing buddies?

Key West

Key West is a popular destination for a few good reasons, but fishing is definitely at the top of the list because of its access to flat and offshore fishing. You also have access to marlin, bonefish, tarpon and tuna. Whether you want to bring the family or a group of friends, it is also the ideal location that promotes five-star resorts, a bustling city center, tourist recreations and a quiet offshore landscape that is ideal for fishing excursions.

Key Largo

Key Largo is for the fishing enthusiasts at heart as it is often referred to as the sportfishing capital of the world by locals and visitors alike. If it also bordered by the Everglades, the Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, which gives you plenty of options for catching trout, redfish, yellowtail snapper, bonefish and snook. The city is also a desirable location whether you crave sport, recreational or leisure fishing.

Cedar Key

Cedar Key is a hidden gem as it is an island location that is well known for its fishing village. This destination offers a much different experience for skilled anglers because of the Seashore Reef, yet it is ideal for beginners who want the slower pace of Cedar Creek. Fishing opportunities include a blend of inshore and offshore fish populations that attract mahi-mahi, Gulf sturgeon, flounder, snook, wahoo, redfish and king mackerel.


Destin is home to a large fishing fleet dedicated to the adventurous at heart who want to experience an authentic offshore excursion. These unspoiled waters are home to blue marlins, tuna, amberjack or snapper. There are also plenty of visitors who travel to Destin to enjoy a tranquil day casting their lines off of a local pier.

Are you ready yet to visit any of these fishing destinations in Florida? Whether you are a newbie or an experienced fisher, you now know plenty of places to experience the ultimate adventure.