1.Rosetta Stone

I am sure you’ve seen the bright yellow Rosetta Stone box in stores, but did you know that Rosetta Stone is available online and as a mobile app? The most popular and trusted name in language learning makes the process more seamless than ever and right in the palm of your hand. So what makes Rosetta Stone so special? For one, you can download the lessons and learn anytime, even offline. The lessons are fun and easy to follow making the learning process exciting and interactive. Rosetta Stone’s app includes the brand’s revolutionary TruAccent speech recognition technology, hands-free audio lessons, recordable stories, an easy access Phrasebook, and more. Phrasebook teaches you key phrases in real life scenario’s while stories help you perfect your pronunciation by reading aloud real stories while hearing the voice of  native speakers. With Rosetta Stone you don’t just learn the basics of a new language – you learn to understand and communicate appropriately in real life situations. You will learn everything from pronunciation to key vocabulary from professional linguists. I can’t tell you how much time it will take to learn a new language but I can tell you that users spend an average of 1.15 hours a week perfecting their craft. Rosetta Stone is the perfect holiday gift for your favorite traveler!

2. Sleepy Ride

The guys at Sleepy Ride basically said “why don’t we take a regular sleeping mask, make it a little larger, and hang it from the tray table to use as a foot rest?” Sometimes I wonder why I don’t come up with genius ideas like the latter. If you’re like me and have a hard time falling asleep on the plane because of too many awkward positions, or if your feet swell up – Sleepy Ride, the hammock for feet, might be the solution for your travel concerns! Sleepy Ride is a super soft memory foam footrest that you can hang from the tray table – it is designed to reduce lower back pain, stiffness and swelling during flights. Oh, and Sleepy Ride is less than $20.

3. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

I cant think of many travel accessories better than this one – in the age of dying photo printing, HP is giving back the joy associated with bringing moments to life through the smell of fresh color on glossy sheets of paper. In fact, I truly miss printing photos and making photo albums – perhaps we can bring that back with the help of HP? The process is simple: you virtually connect your phone to the printer, add some fun stickers (optional), and print! The HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is available on Amazon for $100.

4. NULA Travel Jewelry

I might be a little (or very) biased here since this is actually my jewelry line … but what can a traveler want more than to blatantly show off how much they love to travel through jewelry items featuring boats and waves and clouds and planes? Pieces start at just $10.

5. Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s Cheap Flights is an awesome service that sends you an email with the cheapest flights from your designated home airport, basically as soon as they become available. This isn’t a generic every day newsletter – Scott’s team constantly browses the web to find the cheapest deals and will only send the best of the best. I personally booked multiple flights thanks to Scott, including a $300 roundtrip error fare to Singapore from NYC. The yearly subscription is only $39 and it’s the perfect gift for a frequent flyer!

6. Power Plug Adapter for 150+ Countries

What stocking stuffer is better than an adapter you can bring to 150+ countries? Ok, hold off on answering that for a second. When I posted a short clip of my travel adapter a few months ago, it became an instant hit. I learned that many people travel with one adapter specifically for the country they are traveling to. The charger below uses a pin locking mechanism to unlock different adapters for different countries. It even has USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple items at the same time! Now … back to that stocking stuffer question.

7. The Carry-On Cocktail Kit

If you recently purchased a basic economy fare and already worried about carry-on fee’s and seat selections … one thing you don’t have to worry about, is alcohol. The Carry-On Cocktail Kit is one gift that I would be really excited for. This multi drink kit includes The Old Fashioned, a Moscow Mule and a Gin Tonic – each kit can make two drinks which ends up being around $14 a cocktail – cheaper than a drink at a NYC bar and TSA friendly.

8. Scratch Off Travel Map

This was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received – it’s so simple yet, the practice of scratching off the places I’ve visited is so emotional and brings back many fond memories! At $30, this is a terrific gift for a fellow traveler!

9. JOBY Tripod

JOBY doesn’t make your average tripod – JOBY makes tripod’s that are flexible and have “wrapable” joints which you can secure to things such as poles. They are available for iPhones, GoPros and heavy DSLR’s and are basically every solo travelers dream … including mine.

10. Rent the Runway Subscription

Although this is geared towards the woman in your life (hint, hint), Rent the Runway is an awesome subscription service that allows you to rent four different items of clothing as often as you want every month (unlimited subscription only). What makes it perfect for frequent travelers is the fact that you can rent items you may not have for specific trips: for example jackets for winter destinations, dresses for summer destinations, or blouses for business trips. You can gift an unlimited subscription for as little as $99 for the first month!

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