Italy is the land of sun, passion, and above all else, high-quality food. Sadly, we cannot always pick up our lives and head across the pond to visit this beautiful country, whenever we hear her siren call. However, there are some things you can do to comfort that yearning for Itallia. One of which is to treat yourself to some of the authentic dishes that hail from her shores. Keep reading for three of the most delicious recipes that will transport you to an alfresco balcony in Italy no matter where you live, at least in spirit.  

Pasta Puttanesca 

A simple dish to make at home, pasta puttanesca hails from Naples originally. The key here is to start with good quality spaghetti, fresh if you can get it, or why not have a go at making your own? It is actually a lot easier than you think. 

To this pasta, you will need to cook a sauce made from some of the most iconic Italian ingredients there are. Yes, I’m talking about chopped tomatoes, capers, black olives, and garlic. While some folks like to add dried chilli flakes and even anchovies for a saltier kick. 

Of course, you can find plenty of recipes with measurements like this one to follow online. Although after you have made this dish once, it is common practice to adjust the proportions to favor your own particular taste. Something that means you get to have the best puttanesca experience each and every time. 

Fiorentina Steak

OK, unless you are having a genuine Chianina cow loin raised in Tuscany shipped over, you will need to make a few little adaptations to this recipe. While keeping it as authentic as possible, of course.  

In fact, you can get a very similar effect by getting your butcher to cut you T-bone steak of around 5 cms in thickness. Then, be sure to brown off either side, while keeping the inside as rare as possible, just like how they eat this dish in Florence. 

Obviously, you’ll want a tasty side dish to compliment such a premium cut of meat, and that is where making some simple Italian roasted vegetables come in. In fact, you can head on over to the site like The Mediterranean Dish for an easy-to-make-recipe that will perfectly match the rich and fatty beef. While making sure to include those authentic Italian flavors. 

Caprese Salad 

Finally, one of the easiest yet authentic Italian dishes to make at home is the Caprese salad. In fact, it doesn’t get much more Italian than a meal with ingredients in red, white and green! The red, of course, comes from delicious vine-ripened tomatoes, while the green is fresh basil. The white, however, is soft and creamy mozzarella, which is the perfect salty contrast to the other ingredients. 

Of course, if you are looking for something that has the essence of Italy, but is also a little different why not try replacing the mozzarella with burrata instead? (The soft Italian cheese with the cream inside) A twist that will have you exclaiming Bellissimo for sure!