Many people who love to travel can agree that the ideal holiday can become much of the same year in year out, and this can often mean you end up doing similar things and losing that sense of adventure. We all have bucket lists, but how many of us look at them for inspiration when it comes to booking the next travel expedition? Maybe now is the time to start thinking about doing something a little different. With that in mind, here are some of the ideas to consider to help you go against the grain of the standard holiday.

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Incorporate travel with something for charity

It could be time to start thinking about how you spend your time on holiday, so the perfect combination could be doing something for travel while visiting a place that you are holidaying. Maybe it could be a good idea to consider a run or a charity walk can be a great idea to consider. This helps you to see different aspects of the place you have visited, but to also do something worthwhile. Giving you a goal to aim for. It could definitely be something to think about. 

Go on a road trip instead

Maybe instead of visiting one place, you start to visit a few different places. A road trip can be a great way to do this. You can start off with choosing a country or location, and then plan a route accordingly. People do this with destinations like the USA where you can travel to the east or west coast or even take on famous roads like Route 66. Other options include places like Australia where the Great Ocean Road is a great one to consider. It can allow you to see more of one place in a very informal and relaxed way. 

Try out backpacking

Maybe you could look at backpacking as an alternative way to spend some time. It could be a great way to experience a destination in a different way. Backpacking is often more popular amongst students taking some time out from education, but it doesn’t mean to say that anyone can’t do it. You may find that you see more of a place, and understand local cultures and gain a little perspective doing this. 

Tick places off your bucket list

We all have bucket lists, but when was the last time you thought about it and chose a destination off it? Possibly not for some time. Why not use your annual holiday asa time to see these places that you have dreamt about?  It could give you the incentive to see some remarkable places.

City break instead of beach getaway 

Finally, many people choose a beach getaway as the one type of holiday that they enjoy, and there is nothing wrong with it. But why not choose a city break instead? There are so many incredible places out there that you can really enjoy a holiday in the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration to go against the grain when it comes to your holiday. 

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