One of the great benefits of traveling the south is having your fill of some of the most sumptuous alcoholic beverages around. Whiskey is synonymous with the south, but while you might venture into Kentucky or even Tennessee. Texas has a lot going for it in terms of whiskey and, believe it or not, wine! Let’s provide you with some of the highlights of the wine and whiskey tours the state of Texas has to offer you.

Ironroot Republic Distillery 

Based in the small city of Denison, this distillery only opened in November 2014, making it the first of its kind in Denison. As far as size is concerned, this 15,000 square foot base provides you with an abundance of inspiration, as it houses the distillery, a place to sit down, as well as a bar. It’s certainly a place to get into the swing of things as far as making your own whiskey is concerned. And if you walk away feeling inspired, you can purchase barrels as well as a flavored whiskey selection at Red Head Barrels in Wylie.

Fall Creek Vineyards 

Based in Tow, this vineyard is located in a very beautiful part of the Texas Hill Country. A winery is a perfect place to get your fill of the past, but this place combines old and new seamlessly. It’s not all about the wine, as the oldest vineyard on the Hill Country Trail, they know where to take you so you see the greatest sights, especially Lake Buchannon, where you can enjoy the modest temperature while supping on a wide variety of wines.

Witherspoon Distillery 

If you like your straight up bourbon, you will enjoy a guided tour around this distillery. In fact, to add a little bit of quirk to the proceedings, Quentin Witherspoon, the owner, is your tour guide! He gives you the history of distilling, explaining how the products are made, and naturally, you get to taste at the very end! A very warming journey around the distillery, with some southern hospitality to boot!

Messina Hof Winery 

Producer of more than 50 types and 130,000 gallons of the stuff every year, this winery is not just a feast for the eyes, but the wines have been award winners in its time, so you know your taste buds are in for a treat! Whatever wine you’re after, and however you like to consume it, you can sit back and relax with beautiful aromas wafting out the glass, or if you want to drink wine on the go, they have unveiled a canned wine!

Balcones Distilling 

Under the 17th Street Bridge in Waco, this is one of the best craft distilleries in the entire state. Rustic, but authentic in equal measure, the effort they have put into the whiskeys is something you can truly appreciate. If you are a budding distiller yourself, look at how they focus their attention on each minute aspect of the process. 

Wine and whiskey, if consumed together, don’t go down too well, but if you’re looking for an experience touring the Lone Star State, there is plenty for you to place your taste buds on.