There is a high probability that when you read the name “Kentucky”, you think of the Kentucky Derby. Or perhaps you think of John Calipari, Head Coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, historically one of the best teams in the NCAA. Or maybe Kentucky Fried Chicken? Kentucky is famous for significantly more than the latter and if delicious food, bourbon tasting, cave exploring, corvette driving and pie eating excites your wanderlust buds, then Bowling Green, Kentucky should definitely be your next long-weekend escape.

Last week I had the immense pleasure of chowing down two pieces of authentic southern-style fried chicken while slurping on Kentucky gin drizzled with a hint of mint and bitters … all of which was followed by a warm 9-inch crust, pecans, and chocolate chips in the form of Kentucky Pie. Made live by the Queen herself, may I add. The roasted sweet potatoes provided my sensory organs with more than just a temporary delight … I was intrigued.

Brie Golliher is known as “The Pie Queen”. Her love and passion for baking has awarded her “The Best Overall Dessert at the 2015 Duncan Hines Festival” for her Fudge Nest Pie. Brie is the owner of Boyce General Store, an important piece of Kentucky’s history which dates back to 1869. She is well-known throughout Kentucky for her homemade and unique pie creations such as the Kentucky Pie she made last week!

Bowling Green is a city in Southern Kentucky – one of it’s prized possessions is the Corvette! GM’s assembly plant has been based in BG since 1981 making it Corvette’s exclusive home for nearly 40 years. Bowling Green is full of secrets and unique experiences for all ages, here are a few:

Mammoth Cave National Park

The world’s longest known cave system filled with cave tours, hiking trails, biking and more.

Lost River Cave

Kentucky’s only underground boat tour and a zip line experience

National Corvette Museum

Showcases the American sports-car: Chevrolet Corvette. Also the place where every single Corvette in the world is produced.

Bourbon and Brewfest

A one day festival featuring select, hundreds of craft brews from the region, hand-picked Kentucky bourbons, live entertainment, delicious food vendors, free rides and much more

Corvette Cave-In: The Skydome Sinkhole Experience Exhibit 

Located at the Corvette Museum, where visitors can experience the massive sinkhole that opened beneath it in early 2014, swallowing eight, one-of-a-kind Corvettes.

Beech Bend Campground 

Makes guests feel at home in Bowling Green and is located next to the Corvette Museum.

Bowling Green Hot Rods Baseball Game

The home team brings affordable entertainment to its new state-of-the-art downtown ballpark

Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave

Offers a variety of body treatments, yoga classes, licensed massages, sound healing and the only salt cave therapy in the city