New York City is likely to hold a place on many people’s travel bucket lists- well, why wouldn’t it? The City that never sleeps has so many things to offer its visitors. It would be almost impossible to do and see all of the things that New York is famous for in just one trip, so here are some of the best things to do and see in NYC. 

1. Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge 

Starting downtown, ascend over the wooden walkway, through the famous suspension cables. Take in the sights of the skyline, pass some social media influencers posing along the bridge. Look at the grandeur of the Freedom Tower. Make your way to Brooklyn and refuel after your walk with a slice of pizza. Turn back and do it all again. 

2. Take a stroll in the city’s parks 

Central Park, or Prospect Park both have their charms. Central Park also offers the zoo which makes an excellent day out. A whole day can be taken to explore each part of the park, which is rife with buskers, artists, actors and wildlife. Prospect Park is a little more chilled, but still equally as beautiful with its natural wonders. They offer something unique and different with the changing seasons, and both a  little haven amidst the madness of the city. Hire a bike or boat to make the most of the parks. 

3. See a show on Broadway 

Seeing some Broadway Shows NYC is a must-do for any theater lover visiting the city. From shows in honor of music stars to new best selling musicals, there will be something for everyone. Reasonably priced tickers can be found online, but there are always touts on Broadway offering last-minute entry to the best shows. Shows like ‘Wicked’ belong to Broadway- go and experience the quintessential broadway show. 

4. Eat Pizza at Bleeker Street 

This is an award-winning pizza slice and for good reason. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, these fresh, no-frills slices will leave you craving more. 

5. Visit some Galleries

New York City is home to some of the most iconic paintings in the world. Like traditional art? Spend a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Craving something modern and conceptual? MoMA is for you. At $25 per person for entry, it’s definitely worth slowly making your way through, particularly on a rainy day. 

6. Ride Roller Coasters on Coney Island

With stretches of beaches just an hour’s subway ride from Manhattan, Coney Island is famous for its old fashioned amusement parks, hotdog stands and frozen custard in cones. Take a stroll along the promenade to settle your stomach after riding the oldest roller coaster in the state, and maybe catch a baseball game during the right season. 

7. Visit the 911 memorial 

Although not traditionally a fun fillled experience, it’s worth seeing the memorial of one of the biggest fatalities to strike New York City on September 11 2001. The memorial itself pays homage to those who lost their lives and their families. A deeply moving, uniquely New York experience.