Blogging is a love story between you and your readers. It’s a relationship you invest time and effort to grow. While it’s fair to say that your blog isn’t going to become a hit on Day One – it takes time to become profitable –, dedicating may not be enough to make your content stand out. As an independent blogger, you might struggle with your marketing budget. Ultimately, when you work on a tight budget, you can’t afford to throw a vast brand awareness campaign to boost your blog profile. However, you can find a cost-effective alternative that can enrich not only your presence but also your content significantly. Have you ever thought of partnering with another blogger? 

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Find a common space to share your work

Your blogging partner and yourself can come together for a project about a topic that is relevant to both of you, for instance. You can combine your different skill sets and experiences to create informative and engaging insights for your readers. It’s good practice to find a common space where you can connect your research and ideas, such as a shared and secure document management software tool that you can both access online. Cloud-based solutions are a favorite as they can let you work remotely without interrupting your day-to-day routine. More importantly, you can store your visions and articles until you are ready to publish – which makes your partnership a lot more manageable in the long term! 

Create a plan of what needs to happen

Working together is one thing. But working toward the same goal is an entirely different kettle of fish. You can’t build a successful partnership without a clear plan of what you want to achieve and what your deadlines are. Ideally, a to-do list for each day can help you and your partner to stay on track, even if you don’t see each other during the project. 

Find a blogger you admire

There can be no partnership without mutual admiration and respect. If you are to create fantastic content for your readers, you need to find someone you genuinely find interesting. Start by making a list of the blogs you enjoy reading, to figure out if you could reach out to one of the bloggers and suggest a partnership. Ideally, you want someone who shares a common interest with you, but who also has a different experience or approach. A fashion blogger, for example, could benefit in partnering with an enthusiastic crafter who loves to make her own clothes, or a wheelchair user who disrupts fashion trends. You can use the opportunity to learn from each other, which is precisely what your partnership is about. 

Build a campaign around your partnership

Successful partnerships don’t happen by chance. They’re the result of hard work. Bloggers need time to get to know each other and develop inspirational content. Additionally, publishing articles on each other’s blog is only one side of your partnership. You can also use your social media presence to promote your content and keep your readers excited about the news. 

Blogging partnerships are a common strategy to expand your readership. But for individual bloggers, they are also an opportunity to build a supportive community and learn from each other. 

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