In the modern-day, an emphasis on self-care, mental health maintenance, and being vocal and communicative about how you’re doing is necessary. We try to reach out to friends that may seem to be going through it, or extend our sympathies to people we don’t even know if they’re having a tough time.

That said, while this is essential and absolutely necessary to live well, and sometimes it can even save a life, it’s important to think about the minor elements of effort we could put into place in order to continually help ourselves thrive. This might involve setting essential bedtime and waking up hours so that we get a good set of sleeping hours each night reliably. It might mean working out to the extent that we can so that our bodies and minds are in sync and feel reliably put together.

Working on your confidence is also an essential element of feeling great in yourself and knowing who you are. That said, it can be tough to know how to work on confidence, as it does seem to be a vague presence we cannot define, but rather live out from day today. In this post, we’ll discuss how true that is, as well as essential techniques for reasserting what confidence means for you.

Curating Your Social Circle

It’s important to note that if you’re constantly surrounded by people looking to belittle you, you’re never going to have and hold the confidence you really deserve to enjoy. After all, most of us are an amalgamation of the five closest friends we have, as well as our own personalities. The people we allow into our lives shape us more than we think, and us them.

For this reason, it’s essential to have people around you who only want the best for you, and are willing to support you to get that. Provided you give the same courtesy and effort in return, this can lead to a very fruitful friendship. Some people, however, are your friend in name only. You can often see how this changes when you go through a tough hardship in life and need support to lean on. Sometimes, those who see you making positive changes in your life may be interested in bringing you down to their level again, making you feel as though the effort isn’t worth it.

Curating your social circle doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot accept criticism from those around you. Criticism can be essential from time to time, and sometimes the best friends you ever have will want to completely dispel a false notion you may have. That said, if you can tell the difference between constructive criticism out of love or denigration out of scorn, then you can more readily change your social dynamics and make new friends without apology.

Focusing On Habits & Practices You Love

We are not static creatures, but people who need action, intent, and progress in our lives in order to feel capable and interested in the world around us. Focusing on habits and practices that we love can reinvigorate our lives with something new, as well as give us the skill to develop and focus on.

This can be anything, and often, the best practices to follow are those that you never saw yourself doing. For instance, learning to salsa dance with a friend can truly take you out of your comfort zone, but once you start learning a couple of moves, you may start feeling more comfortable and confident about it. Why not try and paint, or perhaps you could turn your hand to creative writing?

There’s no small amount of tasks and habits out there you can keep up that nourish your mind and body. Don’t be afraid to keep them in your life and make sure you spend time on them, doing so can help alleviate your stress while also helping you feel like your best possible self.

Considering ‘Me-Time’

It’s important to consider the use of ‘me time’ when you can because this can help you ‘reset’ from the intense restrictions and limits of the world around us and instead give you something of a mental pause.

This might involve reading for twenty minutes before bed, on the dot, detaching from any computer or television screens before you fall asleep. It might be taking a nap when you place your newborn down to sleep for an hour in the middle of the afternoon. A little me-time goes a long way into remembering who you are, even if you’re a natural extrovert.

Thinking About That Which Is Really Important

It’s a great idea to come back to a sense of yourself by thinking of that which is truly important in life, and rebalancing your priorities when you can. Perhaps you could take a camping trip for a weekend to a small woods near you, and just enjoy the wilderness in the best possible way. 

Then, without distractions, the internet, or social events, you can write in your journal and figure out what you really do care about. Perhaps you wish to excel in your career and are happy to move to chase it. Or perhaps you’ve been more in love with your current partner than anyone you’ve ever known, and think that now is the time to start a family.

To reassert yourself you need to know what’s worth asserting for, and with a little time to ponder that, free from the hyper-distractions of the modern world, we believe you’ll be in a fantastic position to achieve exactly that.

Doing The Best You Can

It’s important to recognize that when someone aims to ‘reassert their confidence,’ they can often imply that achieving everything and becoming superhuman in their field is key to achieving their goals. But don’t let ‘perfect’ become the enemy of good.

It might be that you wish to be a more attentive parent. But of course, you’re working so hard in your career for a reason. Perhaps limiting your hours, booking recital and sports team events days off work in advance can help you spend more time with them. While you may not be able to be home before 8 pm, perhaps you can always read your children a comforting bedtime story, without fail.

We all have to make sacrifices and experience the consequences of that, but we can truly reshuffle our priorities and assert our desires where appropriate, even if we have to make compromises. Understanding that can help you get started, while also avoiding feelings of guilt if the approach isn’t ‘perfect’ the first time around.

Expressing Yourself Through Your Image

People often find that asserting who they are through their image and self-expression provides a freeing sense of strength. For some, that might mean growing out their facial hair, for others, it may mean dying their hair a fun color, and becoming tattooed.

Expressing yourself through changing your appearance slightly can also be worthwhile should you choose that for health reasons, such as taking finasteride 1mg to soothe the effects of male pattern baldness, or wearing clothes of a particular style, such as vintage dresses, to feel more comfortable in your overall aesthetic.

This may change as time goes forward also, and so it’s a good idea to think of the small changes and efforts you could make when caring for who you are, and how you wish to present yourself. Note that this isn’t a test to be passed – you’re able to have fun here, too!

With this advice, we believe you can more readily reassert what confidence means to you.