The time before we had away on vacation is that gap where we are trying to get everything ready, including ourselves. It is important to so many people that we get ourselves beach body ready, which could mean that we increase the exercise, but we have to remember that it’s about our diet. If you have a few weeks to go until your vacation, it is critical to pay attention to your diet. Let’s show you some things that can help you to keep your diet in shape so you get in shape for your vacation. 

Increase Your Fiber Intake 

White rice can be swapped for brown rice, and mashed potato can be swapped for baked potatoes. The problem with dishes like baked potatoes or brown rice is that they can be almost flavorless, but there’s no reason why you cannot keep it interesting. The right types of herbs can go into brown rice, and swapping out your baked potatoes for this smashed potatoes recipe will make a massive difference. Fiber is important because it helps make us feel fuller, so we don’t consume unhealthy or empty calories. When you increase your fiber intake, it is going to prevent your stomach from bloating, and this will help shift those pounds in the run-up to going on vacation. 

Increasing Your Vitamin C Intake

If you’ve got concerns about cellulite, you can benefit from increasing your vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, berries, and tomatoes. In addition, if you have concerns about cellulite, one of the best exercises you can do is to squat low and deep

Increasing Your Probiotic Intake

Probiotics are a fantastic way to top up the good bacteria in your gut that can regulate your digestive system, ensuring you don’t feel so bloated. It’s about making sure that you have a good working digestive system that is putting everything through, and probiotics such as kefir can make a massive difference. 

Filling Up on Low-Calorie Drinks

In addition to water that will help you to flush out toxins, you also need to feel like you are treating yourself. A glass of sparkling water with a bit of lemon or lime is a great way to ensure that you are topping up your fluids without opting for the naughty stuff. 

Have Control Over Your Portions

The most important rule we can all follow when it comes to our diet is the 80% rule. Eating until you are 80% full will ensure that you don’t overeat because if you overeat, you will take longer to digest your food, but this means a lot of it will go unused and turns into fat. You need to cut your portion sizes and pace your meals with a lot of glasses of water. When you eat until you are 80%, it’s a fantastic way not just to make sure that you are getting that healthy body you need, but it’s a habit that you can take with you throughout your entire life beyond any vacation.