We all know a beautiful person when we see one. But what actually makes a person beautiful? That’s a much harder question to answer. 

In the West, we think that we have something that resembles an answer to this question. Beauty standards include wearing makeup, being slim, and having a symmetrical face. Archetypal beauty has come to dominate our culture. 

However, the definition of what beauty actually means is currently under fire. While the mainstream view remains, things are changing. 

Here are some beauty definitions you probably haven’t heard before. 

Beauty Is Evocative

Being surrounded by generic images of beauty gives many people the impression that it only takes one form. However, when you observe the art world, it’s clear that people find many different things beautiful. Therefore, why should human beauty be any different? 

What matters, according to some beauty experts, is the feeling that being beautiful evokes. And that’s highly unpredictable. Some people might find one person incredibly attractive but not another. We all know this from personal experience. 

Beauty Is Energy

Another interesting definition is that beauty is energy. It’s the way the cells in your body “vibrate.” True beauty, according to this definition, comes from a pure heart, sound mind, and clean body. When everything becomes purified, beauty emerges as a natural consequence. 

We all know this from personal experience. If you are tense all the time and allow life to get to you, it shows up on your body, both inside and out. Lines start to appear on your face, wrinkles form on your neck, and you start to gain weight. Your skin becomes pale and your body’s autonomous systems, like digestion, don’t work as well. Under this definition of beauty, beauty is a kind of harmony between your body, mind, and the outside world. 

Beauty Is Powerful

For some people, being beautiful and being powerful are the same thing. If you are a woman and you are powerful, you are also beautiful as a consequence. 

Beauty is power in terms of the way you interact with your environment, too. If you’re putting foods in your body that aren’t good for you, such as processed meat and snacks, then it will eventually show up in how you look. However, if you are eating “power foods” like beets, greens, beans, and oatmeal, then that will eventually show up as well. In other words, you’ll adopt the power of these foods and remain healthy. 

Beauty Is Finding The Freedom To Express Yourself

Under another definition, beauty is the ability to find the freedom to express yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have breast implant scars or lumps and bumps, what matters is how you approach life. Being quirky doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. 

The way we feel on the inside eventually changes how we look on the outside. Not only does it affect our dress sense, but it also impacts our spiritual lives which, in turn, changes how we appear physically. When we have an inner light and a source of peace, everything else starts looking and feeling good. 

We all know this is true from personal experience. People who are radiantly beautiful are that way because of a life well-lived. They eat all the right things, spend plenty of time on self-care, and live in a state of harmony with themselves and the world around them. 

Beauty Is Shedding The Things That Are Holding You Back

How many people do you know who feel tired, anxious, deprived, and stressed all the time? The answer is probably higher than you’d like. What’s more, you might be experiencing these emotions yourself. 

True beauty, according to some experts, is shedding these layers and revealing the true, original core of your being. You want to be a pure manifestation of the person you are on the inside, not somebody carrying around the weight of the world on their shoulders. 

The idea here is to try feeling good for a month or two and see what difference it makes to your outward appearance. If nothing that happens in life bothers you, you are in a much better position to let your natural self emerge into the world and become less inhibited. Eventually, that will translate into beautiful, radiant health. Shedding the inner voices can make a big difference in how you look and feel. 

Beauty Is In The Struggle

For some people, the definition of beauty is “that which is hard to achieve.” We all know this from modern beauty standards, but it’s a trope that goes back many centuries. Five hundred years ago when it was hard for the average person to put on weight, being beautiful meant being plump. 

Beauty is also something that emerges once we come through life’s hardships and out the other side. While life is sometimes tough, it is in these moments that we make real gains. 

Beauty Is Being Yourself

Many other people take the view that everyone is perfect the way they are and that beauty just means being yourself. Having an authentic attitude to life and love is what beauty is all about. It doesn’t actually matter what you look like because we are all different.

If you just go into a room and believe you are beautiful, it will change the way your body works. You’ll feel the difference deep down. Nothing will be the same. 

Beauty Is Feeling Alive

Lastly, for some people, beauty means “feeling alive.” The goal is to feel a connection to the source of all things, like all other life forms. The better the connection you have with nature and the things around you, the more you can purify a body and make it into a temple. 

Again, you probably know this from your personal experience. People who really look after their physical forms have a certain glow or radiance about them. They’re able to take on the challenges of life in ways that regular people can only dream of. They always have energy to tackle life’s problems.