Is there somebody you know in your life who just looks good all the time? If so, there’s probably something strangely statuesque about them. No matter the time of day or night, they always look the same. You could be meeting them first thing in the morning or last thing at night, and unless you were wearing a watch, you couldn’t tell. They’re never puffy, red, or flushed. How do they do it? 

Well in this post, we’re going to find out. It turns out that for these beauty queens, there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes that you just don’t see. 

They Use Serums That Really Work

There are a lot of serums on the market. But how many of them actually work? Well, only a fraction, unfortunately. 

The best serums are those that alter the way that skin itself expresses itself. For instance, compounds in rosehip, for instance, may actually encourage the skin to become more youthful over time. The same goes for serums containing the magic ingredient resveratrol and other stars, like retinoids. These actually work. And they’re one of the reasons you sometimes see women in their late forties looking like they’re in their twenties. 

They Think Positively About The Way They Look

Here’s another thing that people who look good all the time do: they think positively about the way they look. Their thoughts often influence how their bodies express themselves, causing them to appear healthier and more vibrant. Genuinely positive outlooks can be beneficial. 

They Nail Their Diet

Remember what we said about their behind-the-scenes routines? Well, people who always look great pay great attention to their diet. That’s because, through trial and error, they’ve discovered that what they eat has a massive impact on the way they appear. You’ll often find people like these consuming vast quantities of fruits and veggies. And most of them stay well clear of anything meaty, oily or fried. 

They Take Shortcuts

The most beautiful people in your life also get into the habit of taking shortcuts. For instance, many of them get unlimited laser hair removal so they don’t have to spend hours waxing or shaving every week. This then frees up their time to focus on other things, such as their cooking. 

They Get Up Early

Many people who look great all the time make a habit of getting up early. Many don’t even have alarm clocks. Instead, they rely on their bodies ’ own natural chemistry to wake them up on time. This way, they have more time to go through their beauty routine and do everything that they need to do. 

They Exercise Moderately

Have you ever noticed that people who get heavily into running always wind up looking a little gaunt? That’s because they’re putting their bodies through too much stress. It turns out that simple activities, like walking and yoga, are more than sufficient for keeping your skin, joints, and subsurface structures tender and supple. Aim for three to four 45 minutes sessions per week.