The only tool you’ll need to prepare for safe traveling during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

It’s been roughly 140 days since I last searched for a flight. 

Of course, I still have an occasional morning of wishful thinking. I search for various routes while drinking coffee and that usually ends with my head buried in my hands and deep sighs of sorrow. 

3,360 hours later things are starting to look more promising on the travel front. Countries are beginning to open their borders to tourism and innovative safety measures are sweeping through airports around the world. Industry experts don’t expect travel to return to pre-Coronnavirus norms for years and one thing is for certain: booking trips any time soon won’t be as easy as a few clicks. Country restrictions, airport and airline requirements change frequently and it is imperative to level your expectations, stay informed, and be prepared for your own peace of mind. Luckily there is a travel resource that got you covered

Enter: App In The Air

I found App in the Air in early 2019 and raved about the travel app ever since. 6,000,000 users worldwide. 20,234,034 itineraries tracked. 8,700 reviews in the iOS App Store. If these numbers are not enough to convince you that you need to download the free app right now, here are five more reasons to consider.

The new range of tools built into App in the Air makes it the holy grail of travel apps. The free version of the app grants you access to the new restrictions and health tools! You can search the country to country regulations, airport and airline requirements, and other new safety measures in flights and hotels.  

Here are the new features to check out:

1. Country-to-Country Travel Restrictions Guide

App in the Air is a travel resource that provides an easy to use country-to-country restriction filter with detailed information on the countries you are departing and arriving from, including government restrictions (quarantine, health declarations, etc.), airline and airport rules, and everything you need to travel safely.

2. Airline Restrictions Guide

App in the Air has an airline policy filter with information on in-flight procedures, cancellation policies, lounges, and more.

3. In-App Health Filters 

App in the Air has new health filters which include whether a mask is needed, avoiding middle seats and free cancellations.

4. Helpful In-app Reminders Throughout the Travel Journey 

  • Once a flight has been selected, a purchase screen pop up reminder appears detailing important health information and travel advisories regarding the upcoming trip including travel restrictions and requirements such as health declaration, personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks, and health assessment standards.
  • Users will receive an immediate notification of prohibited flights, changes, and cancellations.  For example, if Spain were currently closed to visitors and the advisory changed while users were searching, they would be alerted.  

In addition to the new features listed above App in the Air continues to serve as your personal travel assistant. You can plan, book, track, and manage your travels on an easy and user-friendly interface. Stay updated with terminal numbers, gates, flight status alerts, auto check-in, and more. App in the Air compiles all your travel data into a fun interactive map and you can compete with friends and a global network of travelers, get achievement badges, and access the global leaderboard. 

App in the Air is also committed to saving the environment. For every flight booked in the app, App in the Air pledges to plant one tree (over 10,000 trees have been planted to date!). The travel search tool will find you the best and most eco-friendly flights that match your preferences and you can also offset the carbon impact of all your previously taken flights.

According to WT & C, travel & tourism contributed 10.3% to the global GDP and supported over 330 million jobs worldwide. (Quick economics refresher: GDP, Gross Domestic Product, is the total value of goods and services produced in a country). The global GDP in 2017 was ~$81 trillion. ⁣Travel and tourism is quite literally a means of survival for millions of people. While I can’t wait to be on a flight out, I also can’t stress the importance of safe travel. You are now equipped with a tool that will help you prepare for your next trip. Please continue monitoring the new rules and regulations, make sure you are healthy, and commit to following all the guidelines to ensure the safety of you and fellow travelers. 

I am proud to say that this post is sponsored by App in the Air. As always, all opinions are honest & my own.