I don’t know about you, but it’s when I feel my best on a trip that I have my best time. Of course, many things contribute to feeling good, including what I eat and drink and whether I can get to workout. However, in this post i’d like to focus on one factor in particular – looking good. Yes, that’s right while your beauty regime may not be the same as when you are home, it certainly still has a place on your adventures. A topic you can read all about in my post below. 


Number one on anybody’s travel beauty list should be to hydrate. In fact, there are so many benefits to staying hydrated concerning beauty. Not least the fact that it can help your skin to be clearer, plumper, and less dry. Something pretty vital if you find yourself in a location with lots of harsh sun. 

What that means is taking a reusable water bottle along on everyday trips is an excellent idea indeed. In fact, finding one that easily fits into your day pack is a smart idea. Additionally, be sure to hydrate on the plane while you are in the midst of a journey. That means no alcohol or carbonated drink and lots and lots of delicious water! 

Go travel-sized 

Next, if you want to stay gorgeous on your travels, check out the mini-sized versions of the regular products you use. In fact, many top brands, including Benefit, do travel-sized versions of their most believed products. Something that makes it super easy to have those can’t-do-without products with you no matter where you find yourself. 

Additionally, be sure to pack some makeup remover and moisturizers as well. After all, looking after your skin should not suffer just because you are exploring a new location. 

Stay current 

Ok, it can indeed be challenging to stay abreast of the latest makeup trends when you are travelling. After all, there is usually so much to do and see in the location you are visiting! However, if you are concerned that the look you are currently wearing dates your #Insta photos, there is an easy answer. It’s to opt for one of the many virtual beauty classes that are now available online. Something that will allow you to update your look, and have a little self-pampering. Even if you do find yourself staying in a less than a salubrious location for a few nights. 

Invest in a head wrap 

Finally, when it comes to beauty on the go, do not neglect your hair. Of course, that means protective styles, and plenty of restorative treatments, especially if you expose it to lots of sun, sea, and sand. 

Additionally, investing in a head wrap or scarf can also be an excellent way of protecting your hair on a day to day basis. Not to mention the fact that by using one, you can shave hours off your daily getting ready routine. Something that will leave you with more time to get out there and explore!