For those individuals who adore scratching their wanderlust itches and venturing to distant shores, the Far East has a mythical quality. Hot foot it to a world of Taoism, wildlife, adventure, and vistas to immerse yourself in a new culture and to meet new people. The food is unique, the people are welcoming, and the views are exquisite. While the coronavirus crisis has prevented us from traveling for the foreseeable future, this doesn’t mean that you can’t plan your next adventure. Take a look at these three incredible Far East vistas that you simply cannot miss.


The Land of the Rising Sun is a hotpot of smells, views, and sounds. Head to the capital Tokyo and enjoy trying to spy Mount Fuji from the government towers in the center of the city. You could take a Shinkansen bullet train to neighboring Kamukara to explore the numerous temples and shrines. Here, you will relish the opportunity to step back in time and experience a quieter side to Japan. With a bento box on the train, you could reach speeds of over two hundred miles per hour. From the comfort of your seat, you may see Mount Fuji in all its glory.

From Tokyo, you could head to Hiroshima. The vistas here are devastating and hopeful at the same time. Here, hundreds of thousands of people died as the atomic bomb was dropped on the city at the end of World War II. However, venture here now, and you will see a hopeful and youthful city looking to the future. The atomic dome is well worth exploring as is the Hiroshima Museum. From here, you can take a short ferry ride to the magical island of Miyajima. Many tourists don’t venture to this part of Japan, but miss it at your peril. Here, you can climb Mount Misen and look back at a glorious mainland vista. Take in the sunset over the floating shrine and have fun with some of the wild deer.


If you fancy another stop on your tour of the Far East, consider a trip to Indonesia. The beaches are white, pristine, and often untouched. Consider venturing to Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida, and explore the unspoiled sand under the naturally formed overhanging rugged rocks. An incredible stairway has been carved into the cliffs to enable tourists to take a jaunt onto the sand. Alongside Diamond Beach, you could visit the nearby Altra Beach and the Thousand Islands Viewpoint if you want to get a feel for the geography around you.

Head to one of the many warungs on Indonesia and gorge yourself on Nasi Goreng, the national rice dish. Couple this with a fresh citrus salad and drink a cool beer or two. If you like temples as much as you love your food, visit Borobudur Temple, the religious Buddhist site that is made of over two million stone blocks. The temple is like a fortress with an expansive site of hundreds of statues and mini shrines. The temple represents a journey to enlightenment, so if you are in touch with your spiritual side, this is a must-see place.


China is the destination in the Far East that divides tourists the most. If you can cope with the business and chaotic nature of the large Chinese cities, you will adore the nation. Beijing, the capital, is a mix of old temples, narrow side streets, and large modern architecture and squares. From Beijing, you can head to Mutianyu, a site on the Great Wall of China. The wall is well kept and less rugged than other parts, but it won’t be so tourist-laden as Badaling. The views on the Great Wall are incredible and cannot be missed.

Head to Xi’an, and you can visit the walls of the ancient city. Take a short bus ride, and you could find yourself at the Terracotta Warriors Museum. Here, you can head to all three halls that house live archeological digs. If you are lucky, you may even find some excavations taking place. Just outside the site, you can enjoy some biang biang noodles, the dish of the region. If you adore your food, don’t miss the Szechuan district full of spicy, peppery dishes. Learn a bit of the language and you can converse with the chefs to create bespoke dishes. Of particular note, is the Szechuan pork and tofu complete with steamed buns and rice.

There is no better time to plan your next travel adventure, so look forward to your next jaunt overseas.