Gap years can be the best year you ever have – but only if you plan it correctly. Below, you’ll find four amazing gap year travel ideas. Read through them and see which one best suits you!


The Globetrotting Gap Year

Most of the people that take a gap year will have this idea in mind. The premise is simple; start off at home, and then travel the world. Aim to touch down in every continent across the globe, stopping off in some of the biggest and most iconic cities you can imagine. It’s a quintessential gap year experience – and it takes a lot of planning. But, if you want to spend the whole year travelling abroad, then this is one of the top ideas. Relax in so many different countries, on so many different beaches, and take photos near multiple iconic landmarks.

The Volunteering Gap Year

This is similar to the idea of travelling all across the globe in that you can visit many different countries and stay in numerous different places. The key difference is that you’re not just visiting these places as a traveller; you’re there to volunteer! There are loads of gap year programs out there that take you over the world and allow you to help many of the local people in different ways. You could volunteer as a teacher at a local school, or help a charity that’s concerned with preserving the natural wildlife – the opportunities are endless. It’s the best way to take a gap year if you want to learn more about yourself and try new things, it could help you find your true calling in life!

The Single Country Gap Year

The third idea on this list involves taking a year out to really explore one particular country. Some people don’t like this idea because you only really see one area of the world. However, it’s perfect if you’ve ever really wanted to live somewhere, but school got in your way. Well, now’s the perfect chance to take a year out and live in a foreign place. You get to really immerse yourself in a new way of life, and many people end up moving away for good after this!

The Road Trip Gap Year

Lastly, we have the road trip idea. With this one, you can pretty much go wherever you want, but you have to drive yourself around. No trains, buses, or planes allowed! Get yourself a little campervan and explore many countries all at once. Okay, you’re allowed one plane journey, but that’s only to get you from your home country to a starting point. For example, a lot of people fly out to the US and then buy a campervan to drive around all fifty states.

So, which one of these ideas jumps out at you the most? Are you looking for a very touristy global experience, or do you want to spend the year helping others by volunteering? Maybe you’ve always had one dream country in mind and want to live there for twelve months? Or, perhaps you’ve got a killer road trip idea and want to roll with that? Either way, they’re all fantastic ideas for an unforgettable gap year.