14 Ways To Keep Yourself Positive And Headstrong While Traveling Away

If you’ve ever traveled for a few weeks or months, you’ll know all about the effort that it takes. While it’s an amazing experience, it’s something that can take its toll mentally and physically if you’re not careful. You’re heading on an amazing long-term vacation, but staying safe and well are two things that you need to take care of along the way. Being positive and headstrong when you’re thousands of miles away from your bed and in unknown parts is essential in terms of your overall enjoyment.

Thankfully, actually putting yourself in a great mental spot along the way isn’t too difficult. It’s a case of preparing properly for the trip and training your brain in certain areas. If you’re a little nervous or have reservations about particular stints of the trip, then here are a few ways you can keep yourself in the right place mentally: 


Stay In Touch With Those Back Home  

If you’re someone that gets quite homesick, then keeping in regular touch with those you’ve left behind might help. Sure, it may make you feel as though you’d like to be back with them, but it’s better than being left in peril most of the time. If you phone home and have a little chat, then you’re going to feel a lot better because the comfort of familiarity is there with you. Obviously, you have experiences in front of you to indulge in, so don’t make this too regular! Life is all about throwing yourself into new experiences and seeing how you can grow!

Have A Plan Of Action 

Some people love the idea of heading into the unknown and having no plan whatsoever. If you can do this, then that’s an amazing feat. The majority of people, however, will need to make sure that they have something secured and structured. If you know where you’re going and what you’re doing, then it makes the traveling trip a lot simpler to do and you won’t have to panic about missing any particular aspect. If you have an itinerary for traveling, then it’s like you have a daily schedule and things are left in the air. 

Make Sure You Pack All Of Your Essentials 

If you have everything you need in your suitcase, then you should be pretty much set. Your mind will get a gigantic boost knowing that you won’t have to overthink certain tasks. Before you leave, double-check and then triple-check your list. It’s not the end of the world if you forget anything as you can make up for it later on, but it is a pain in the backside. This kind of overthinking can then lead to problems perhaps in other areas of your trip, so make sure you have this fundamental task handled.  

Keep Yourself Energized With The Right Nutrition

What you consume makes a big difference in how you’re going to feel day-to-day. If you eat hardly anything, then you’re going to be lethargic and you’re not going to want to move around much. You’ll be extremely tired, which is terrible if you’re traveling around hotter climates. The same can be said for those of you who plan on eating too much junk. You need to find a healthy balance. It would be good to learn how to create a few quick, healthy shakes and meals. Perhaps a few tasty oatmeal smoothie recipes or fast pasta meals could be on the cards every now and again as you make your way around the world. Just make sure you consume enough to get you up in the morning and to feed your brain!

If You Don’t Want To Do Something – Don’t  

It can be easy to feel pressured into doing something because of those you’re with. If you’re scared or you feel as though it’s something that isn’t quite your cup of tea, then just don’t take part. You’re supposed to enjoy the time you have. Putting yourself in a bad mood can have an effect on the things you do going forward. 

Bring The Right Company Along 

The trip can really hinge on the company you bring. Choosing the right people to travel with makes such a big difference. If you’re going to be heading away for a while, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re not annoyed and not bored of those alongside you. It may sound a little harsh, but it’s necessary. People can really ruin things if the chemistry isn’t there or if you have a bit of a falling out during the trip.

 Protect Your Skin 

Every day, skincare matters anyway. It matters especially when you’re away in a country that is a lot hotter and a lot dryer. You have to make sure that you’re protecting the largest organ on your body as you might end up regretting it otherwise. Your skin and the rest of your body really should be given the utmost care as you can develop plenty of problems – problems that you could do without when you’re miles away from your home.  

Don’t Approach Things With A Pessimistic Attitude 

If you enter every single instance with a negative mindset in life, then you’re never going to enjoy things. Sure, you’ll be prepared for issues, but you’ll also pick out problems when everyone else is having fun. When you set sail and get away, a pessimistic mind will hold back any genuine excitement you have. Just be positive and try to look forward to absolutely everything. If you run into issues, a positive mind will laugh them off and look for solutions. A negative one will act as though the entire journey/vacation has been destroyed. 

Document Everything Along The Way

We live in a digital world and that means we can record/take snapshots of our experiences. There’s something motivating about trying to secure every memory and documenting everything is such a great idea. This obviously doesn’t mean that you should have your camera/phone out every five minutes, but it does mean that you should do what you can to log down the things you did. This kind of thing will absolutely put your mind in a more motivated and positive headspace. 

Drink Plenty Of Water

We touched on the fact that you’ll want to keep yourself nourished. The same can be said for hydration. It’s imperative that you stay hydrated when traveling because water is what really keeps us going. Without it, we’d perish. We’re pretty much made up of water, so we need to keep replenishing – especially in hotter places. It may be boring and it may mean that you pee a lot more, but it’s necessary. 

Recognize That This Is A Unique Set Of Experiences

This kind of practice doesn’t come around too often for the typical human being. Sure, if it’s your job to travel or if you have unlimited funds, then it might be a different story. If you’re using this time to travel to get away from work with a smaller budget, then do what you can to enjoy. Realize that this is an amazing experience that will not be as frequent as perhaps you’d like. If that kind of scarcity doesn’t put your mind in a better place, then not much else will. 

Respect The Laws And Don’t Cause Any Kind Of Grief

You’re probably not a criminal in any way, but it can be very easy to ease on the laws when you’re not in your own hometown. Just don’t be too lax about your behavior and don’t try and cause problems. It goes without saying, but some of you may need to be told!

Enjoy All Of The Learning Experiences You Receive

 Some people take issues on board and learn from them – no matter how difficult or frustrating. Some crumble and view them as huge, embarrassing failures. Be like the former in this case. The trip should be fun for the most part, but you’re probably going to run into a few errors. Just enjoy them and make sure you’re not getting too down. The entire situation is new and strange, so you’re not going to know all that much straight away.  

When it comes to learning experiences, you’re also going to pick up all kinds of new things regarding different cultures and the way different countries work. Instead of finding it awkward and confusing, just embrace is a go along with everything while harboring a big smile!

Get Plenty Of Rest Whenever You Can

 You’re obviously going to be on the move a lot and taking in a lot of experiences. You’re only human, so you simply cannot continually put in the steps and continually head to new places all day every day. Whenever you have free time and you’re absolutely shattered, it’s best to get some sleep. If you feel as though you cannot sleep, then lay down for a while and relax. Your body can only take so much. You might find that relaxing will lead to a nap or two. FOMO (fear of missing out) can come into effect if you’re staying in your room for a while, but remember that you’re not a robot and you have lots of time still to come.