Travel is one of those glorious experiences that can free us from the bonds and preoccupations of normal, everyday life, and allow us to bathe our souls in new experience and adventure.

But what if your travels aren’t a pure vacation away from all the worries and commitments of your normal working life? What if, instead, you’re opting to travel while working remotely, or at the very least have a project or assignment to turn in by email while out on the road?

How, in this case, can you make sure that get your work done, while enjoying your travels to the fullest, and not let your professional obligations dampen the experience for you? Here are some tips.

Try and stick to a central (and reasonably comfy) location for the duration of your trip

Working while traveling is always more difficult if you’re in a dormitory-style hostel, or you’re camping, or you have to move locations every day as part of a backpacking journey. To ensure that you’re able to deal with your work in an orderly, timely, and structured manner, it’s by far the best if you’re established in one location for the duration of the time you need to be working, and that the location in question is pretty cosy. A luxury manor such as Stonehurst Vacation Rentals would certainly do the job, but regardless of where you set up shop, make sure it’s a place conducive to work. Your base-of-operations should at least have a table to sit at, a private bathroom, and a way of preparing your morning coffee in-house.

Get up early and do your work first thing in the morning

A vacation has a natural rhythm and cycle of its own. Rise from slumber, eat breakfast, go out for adventures, have a big dinner, relax with a glass of wine, and pass out, filled with fond memories of the experiences you’ve just had. Trying to do your work in the evening will naturally throw this arc off completely, and likely ruin your day. You’ll find yourself trying to summon up the mental energy to work, at exactly the point at which you’re most tired and least interested. On top of that, you’ll finishing your day on a low, rather than a high, note. By far the best option is to wake up early, and to get in a solid few hours of work before heading out for a full day of fun and exploration.

Be ruthless in your time management

A handful of hours early each morning might well be enough for you to get all your work done, but only if those are a handful of highly-focused hours. If you find yourself constantly procrastinating, losing focus, and paging through your Lonely Planet guidebook, your entire day is going to fall out of structure, and you’re inevitably going to have to work later than you would have wanted. Be ruthless in how you manage your time. Keep a notepad beside your laptop, and write down everything that you feel like doing to procrastinate. This will create a bit of distance between yourself and the action, so that you don’t find yourself switching over to Facebook absentmindedly. Timing yourself and your breaks can also work wonders in this department.