There’s no denying that we now live in a world that is more connected than ever before. Each and every one of us carries with us a phone that contains a computer more powerful than the one that first put a man on the moon. Things like the internet and social media link all together in a way that we once thought wasn’t even possible. Now, none of this is a bad thing, not even close. In fact, it’s an amazing thing! However, it’s totally natural to want to get away from all the noise and speed of the modern, tech-dominated world. If that’s the case for you, then here are a few trips that you might want to do in order to get off the grid for a little while.


What could be more off the grid than getting out into the wilderness? There’s nothing quite like being able to get back out into nature and completely escape from everything about the modern world. Sure, there are plenty of fancy types of camping that involve having electricity, but the truest form of camping is the kind where you’re genuinely roughing it. From cross-country skiing in Yellowstone to getting lost in the Scottish Highlands. waking up to the sounds of the natural world and being able to actually hear yourself think are things that many of us are sorely missing in our lives. You might not want to be a rugged survivalist forever, but it really does make a welcome break.

Go Amish

If you want to get away from the complex, high-speed existence of modern life but without sacrificing things like hot food and running water, why not try going Amish for a while? There are plenty of places that have pretty sizable Amish populations and they can offer you a way of life that couldn’t be more different from the sort of experiences you’ll have in your modern day to day life. Keeping things simple, free of technology, you’ll discover just how much calmer and more peaceful life can be when you’re not having to deal with the constant noise and speed of something like a modern city. Sure, it might not be something that you’re ready to commit to permanently, but it would certainly allow you to experience something totally different for a while.

Take a road trip

Many of our ancestors were pioneers who made treks across the world to discover new places. Now, that’s not really possible anymore, the edges of the map have been pretty much entirely filled in. However, taking a road trip is a great way to capture that frontier spirit. Plus, it’s pretty likely that anyone will be able to get in touch with you while you’re out on the road. This way, you can escape work and anything else that you don’t want to deal with and just enjoy the time that you’re spending watching the world zoom past your window. And the best part of the whole thing? You get the chance to change direction and head to somewhere new anytime you like. If you want to head straight to your destination then there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to get off the highway and experience some detours then that’s what road trips were made for!

Try a staycation

Now, this one might sound a little bit strange. After all, isn’t the entire point of taking the kind of vacation where you get off the grid to escape all of the things at home that can make your life stressful? And yes, that is true. But here’s the thing. Can you really think of anywhere in the world more comfortable than your home? Chances are you can’t. So instead of going out into the world to find your perfect vacation, why not bring your perfect vacation to you? Unplug the phones, disconnect from your social media accounts, and just hide away at home with your family for a while. Take the opportunity to make blanket forts, have pillow fights, and stay up all night with scary movie marathons. It might sound incredibly simple but the truth is that a lot of the very best vacations are just that. Plus, it’s just about the cheapest option available to you as well!

The wonderful thing about taking a trip where you go off the grid for a while is that you’re going to be able to avoid becoming totally addicted to your tech. Sure, you’re going to enjoy having it back when you come home, but you’ll know deep down that you don’t need it to get by and that you can walk away from it anytime you like.