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1208, 2019

The Business of Blogging- A Start Up Tax Guide

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When you get into blogging, you have to learn how to build a brand, properly market yourself, handle sales, do your own research, web design, photography, and so much more. If you’ve made the decision to start your own blogging business, then this is the essential tax guide to help get you started.

3107, 2018

3 Most Important things you need to do (and avoid) to be a Successful Blogger

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This article is short and simple and highlights what I believe are the three pillars to absolute blogging success. They are no less obvious than the recommended tactics above, however the 3 most important things you need to do to be a successful blogger that I am going to tell you about have to work simultaneously as you work on your blog. They are the pillars for ultimate success and the engine for blogging nirvana. I wish someone taught me this on day one!

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