Lately the same question has been popping up in my messages and emails: “What are your absolute favorite travel essentials?”  or “What do you ALWAYS have with you when you travel?”

If you’ve been following my blog then you know I only travel with a carry-on – thats one of my money saving travel tips which you should read ASAP. Even with a limited amount of space, I prioritize and make room for the things that are crucial for my trip. Of course, travel plans vary and perhaps my 180° view anti-fog snorkeling mask is not appropriate for a trip to Iceland – but in general the items in the crappy collage below are the ones I have with me 99% of the time regardless of where I am going! This post does not include some of the more obvious and basic things like a hair comb, toothbrush and deodorant.  If you have any items that you always have with you when you travel, please share them in a comment under the post & help a fellow reader. Click on the blue links to learn more!

  1. AWAY Bag – My absolute favorite carry-on, it has a stylish and sleek design that looks small on the outside but fits a years worth of stuff inside (ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little). The best part about it is that it also comes with a built in charger so you never have to worry about your accessories dying.
  2. Solar powered travel charger – Cool accessory that you can hang on your bag to power up without the need for a plug. Portable charges often die and require extra charge time while this one can charge virtually anywhere outside.
  3. Bad Baby Products – Easily one of the best beauty products out on the market – TSA approved, compact and does the trick. Nothing is worse than sleeping on the airplane and waking up with static or oily hair and this little thing solves the problem with a couple of sprays.
  4. Universal travel plug Although many hotels now have USB plugs or already converted plugs, its always good to have a universal travel adaptor. Be careful if it doesn’t convert voltage too as items can quickly get ruined when plugged into higher voltage.
  5. Heated socks / Heated Blanket -There is nothing worse, I repeat, nothing worse than waking up on a long haul flight because you are cold. A heated blanket or heated socks are an absolute must for me when I travel
  6. Colgate Wisp – These little guys are absolute life savers – I hate having to brush my teeth in the airplane or airport so I have a Wisp with me at all times
  7. Portable neck support pillow– No, no not this is not your average travel pillow – NapAnywhere is an innovative neck support system that adjusts based on your sleep style. It’s not too soft so your head doesn’t fall through to the side. These come in multiple variations and styles, too!
  8. Kindle Fire– The quality on this $50 toy is incredible – I use my kindle not only for books but also to watch pre-loaded movies and TV shows also.
  9. Anastasia brow wiz – An essential piece of the small amount of makeup I bring with me on a flight.
  10. Tinted lotion Another one of my makeup essentials is tinted lotion because it having a glowing face eliminates the need for bringing highlighter or bronzer, and etc. SPF is also an absolute must.
  11. Lip Balm – Airplane cabins sometimes have the worst atmosphere and it reflects on everything; hair, skin, lips, (mood) – long lasting lip balm always helps relieve the problem.
  12. Rollerball perfume – Rollerball perfume or spray pens are the best way to save space in your luggage and to be sure that its TSA approved. Flowerbomb is one of my favorite scents.
  13. Foldable flats – Foldable flats that can easily fit in my bag are crucial to my packing list – sometimes after a long haul flight my feet would get so swollen that I wasn’t able to put my regular shoes on. These are a must.