I literally cringe when people tell me how much they pay for flights. Skyscanner has proved to be the cheapest and most efficient way of choosing flights. Skyscanner scans hundreds of websites and gives you the lowest possible price for your given dates through various airlines. I love skyscanner because sometimes I don’t know where I want to go. Skyscanner gives you the option to put “Everywhere” as a final destination and it will spit out the cheapest travel locations for your given dates. You can even see prices for an entire month to see which dates are the cheapest. Here, give it a try, use your location as the departing city and everywhere as the final destination:

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is a huge money saver and it’s super easy to use. The idea behind this app is that it sells “empty leg” hotel rooms. Meaning that hotels give away rooms for cheaper just to fill up vacant spaces. I’ve stayed in 5 star hotels for half the price thanks to them. A good tip is to book last minute like the day of or a day in advance when prices are at the lowest. You can also use my code “EKARAFIN” & get $25 off your first stay ! Everyone has a referral code that will give you $25 so feel free to post yours in the comments.  If you use my code, then I sincerely thank you for the support.


If you’re like me and you like to rent a car when you travel, give Turo a try. Turo is like the airbnb for cars and I love it because there is a lot more variety for any budget. You no longer have to drive a Ford Focus for $40 a day from Enterprise, but you can score yourself a top-down Jeep Wrangler for the same price. Turo is the definition for bang for your buck and it offers you the same services like a typical car rental (ex. insurance, etc.) You can get $25 off on your first rental too by using this link!