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4 Adventure Activities For Solo Travel

Solo travel is often a time to do the things you have always wanted to do. Sometimes trips involve being with other travelers and missing out on activities nobody else is keen on. If you are an adventurer and are looking for fun activities to do on your next solo travel trip, read on. 

Weekend in Florence

Florence is perhaps one of the most wanted, visited and talked about places in Italy. Some may even say, "If you haven’t been to Florence, you haven’t seen Italy". Here is a quick guide to a perfect weekend getaway to Florence.


Istanbul is such an incredible place; it is beautiful, it is lively, and it is home to some of the best tea and dessert I have ever had. I spent a mere 7 hours in Istanbul on a layover flight from Israel to NYC. Here is what you can do in 7 hours in Istanbul and how you can avoid some of the obstacles I faced.


If you think your layover isn't long enough to see the beauty of Copenhagen, think again. Here is what you can see, eat and do in this electric Nordic town!

Côte d’Azur

The Mediterranean Coast of southeastern France boasts its authenticity and luxury. The stunning beaches, food, and views are to die for.

Solo Travel Destinations Tips by Elona-  Tips for Travelling Alone 

Solo travel destinations tips include the activities you perform while travelling. You can’t just travel your favorite destination without planning any solo activities. You have to explore the place, take some cool pictures and enjoy the ambiance like never before.

But when you are a first timer, you need solo travel tips from an experienced traveller. Elona has a passion to help people who want to make a memorable solo journey. She says in her website that she does not help people saving their money but makes their money worth of their voyage. Indeed her confidence and honesty are amazing.

Now if you are planning to go on a vacation, you just need some good solo travel destination tips. For example, you need to know a place where the natural scenic beauty is best for photography or you need to know about a place where your family can spend the best times.

Elona’s blog includes various solo travel destination tips. In one blog she mentions ten things that are most important before travelling a solo. In those tips she gives the most precious suggestions like not being alone in the trip, not being ignorant of the good moments and much more. You can visit ‘Elona the explorer’ to read briefly about the solo travel tips of Elona.

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