Travel has the potential to be a truly remarkable, life-affirming, fun, and exciting thing.

On a great travel adventure, you can forge all sorts of fantastic memories that stick with you over the years, and can also have some much-needed rest and relaxation away from the stresses of everyday life.

More than this, however, travel can – in the best cases – expand your sense of your possibilities and horizons, and can give you a lot of inspiration and insight when it comes to how best to live your life.

Unfortunately, for most of us, it is difficult to actually travel as much as we would like to – and the COVID-19 pandemic has recently made travel a lot less viable as well.

Here are just a handful of suggestions on how to fit more travel into your regular life.

Get a job that allows for remote working – or work towards a completely location-independent career

Certain jobs naturally lend themselves to a travel lifestyle more than others do.

For example, web-based businesses that require you to spend more time thinking about things like SERP API than interacting face-to-face with customers is famously good when it comes to allowing for “location independent” working – also known as becoming a “Digital Nomad.”

Beyond working towards a completely location-independent career, you can also simply look for jobs close to what you currently do, with companies that allow for regular remote working.

As soon as you aren’t anchored to a particular location because of work, the opportunities for travel increase dramatically.

Make a habit of getting an early start, and squeeze in regular weekend day trips

If you – like so many people – wake up late on the weekends and just spend the time relaxing at home and lounging around, you should be aware that another way of doing things would be to get an early start on weekends and squeeze in regular weekend day trips, instead.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with resting after a long week at work. But you might be surprised to know just how much quality travel can be packed into a single weekend – or even a single day – as means of taking advantage of last-minute low-cost airline deals, and more.

Create a travel list for areas you’ve never been to, that are easily reachable

There’s a very good likelihood that there are all sorts of areas which are easily reachable for you – either because they are only a short drive away, or because there are great transport links – and that could be well worth a visit.

Famously, people who live in great tourist cities around the world frequently never visit many of the most impactful attractions that bring people from around the globe to marvel at.

To get more travel into your everyday life, one thing to do is to create a travel list for areas you have never been to that there are easily reachable. Then, begin visiting and crossing those items off your list.