Going on vacation is an excellent way to get away from your daily responsibilities for a little while and have some fun. Your goal is to return home feeling relaxed and ready to return to your normal schedule.

You may want to go somewhere but are unsure of where to start or how to plan and prepare for your next vacation. The following tips will help ensure you take care of all the important details and have an enjoyable trip. While you don’t need to plan out every detail, preparing for your vacation will be useful and allow you to feel less stressed leading up to your trip and once you arrive at your destination.

1. Set A Budget

Your first step should be to review your finances and set a budget for your next vacation. It’s wise to figure out how much money you have to spend and how much you actually want to spend on your trip. Think about what money you’ll need for your flight and hotel as well as how much you’ll want set aside to use once you arrive at your location. You may have regrets later on if you fail to budget appropriately and end up overspending.

2. Brainstorm Destinations & Activities

Another tip to help you plan and prepare for your next vacation is to brainstorm ideas for where you want to travel. Make a bucket list of destinations you can afford and see which align best with your budget and interests. Consider if you prefer to lie on the beach all day or desire a more adventurous vacation where you can hike and camp. Narrow down your options and then research deals and the best times of year to visit your destination of choice.

3. Bring A Nice Camera

Make your vacation more memorable by investing in a nice camera that you can bring with you. You’ll want to document your adventures, so you have these images to look back on at a later date. You may also want to consider photographing landmarks you visit or wildlife you come across. Check out what advice Juan Bravo Fernandez of Puerto Rico has to offer regarding the best locations for photographing wildlife before you book your trip. You may want to upload your images to your social media pages or a blog to share with your network and followers.

4. Work Ahead so You can Unplug

You can better plan and prepare for your next vacation when you’re all set to unplug once you get to your destination. Work ahead at the office so you can avoid having to check your messages on your trip. Try your best to disconnect from technology and make it a point to be in the moment and enjoy what you’re doing at the time. You’ll have a much more pleasant and relaxed trip when you aren’t scrolling through social media and addressing work issues and responsibilities as you travel. Commit to unplugging and then notice how good it feels to do so.