As my obsession with getting as many people out to see the world grows, I rounded up the top five destinations that you should consider visiting in 2017 if you want to keep your wallet happy. My take on finding the right price points always begins with finding the perfectly priced flight – from there, it’s a lot easier to determine where you want to stay based on your total budget. It is a lot easier to find different prices on accommodation than it is for flights. I think that most, if not all, of the trips below can be done on a budget of $1,000 or less for a long weekend on flight and accommodation but in order to be very sure, use the “cheapest month” tool on Skyscanner to see when the flight prices are the lowest and let that give you more guidance on which time of the year to go. The weather may not be 80 and sunny in Barcelona, but rest assured it is just as beautiful during off season (when the prices are really cheap) as it is in the Summer (just something to keep in mind).


If you were following my blog when I released my Cuba post and my Cuba video, you likely already know why I am so obsessed with it. Plane tickets from North America are as low as $115 round trip and everything else such as accommodation and food and is super cheap. To this day, Cuba remains one of my favorite destinations thanks to its authenticity and budget friendliness.

2.Austin, TX

If you are in the States (or from out of the country looking to explore a cool city in America), you should add Austin to your list and preferably to the top. The hip and vibrant city has so much to offer from a very solid party scene, to mouthwatering cuisines and breathtaking scenic drives. Check out these flights and hotels in Austin. My suggestion is that you rent a car and drive out to the infamous Jacob’s Well and The Hamilton Reserve. We used Turo, an awesome app that is basically the Airbnb for cars – it has a wide selection of cars that will fit any budget .

3.Budapest, Hungary

Dubbed the Paris of the East, Budapest is one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever been to. Did I forget to mention that it’s cheap too? You can score a 5-star hotel in the $100 – $150 a night range. I love Budapest because it is walkable, the architecture is stunning, the food (& alcohol) is cheap and delicious and it has a very young and energetic vibe. The flight prices may be a little higher but you can compensate by scoring super cheap accommodation.


In my recent research, flights to Spain have been incredibly cheap from multiple cities in the U.S. Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia all have steadily trailed under the $400 mark for round trip flights – a phenomenal deal. My first time in Barcelona was in the beginning of January and everyone was convincing me not to go because “Barcelona is not the same when it’s winter.” Well, wrong. The weather was mostly in the 60’s making it comfortable to walk around (as you mainly should in Barcelona) and I saved likely over $300 on my flight by avoiding the peak season. Bottom line: if you find a good price on a flight, book it. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a huge bowl of paella for < $10?


I recently came back from a long weekend trip to Belize after I scored $300 roundtrip flights from NYC. The flights are even cheaper from the West Coast. Accommodation is very reasonably priced and food is super cheap (and delicious). I stayed at two 5-star properties and I actually don’t recommend it because nothing felt like it was 5-stars besides the looks of it. The only caveat with Belize is that unless you are staying in Belize City (which I don’t recommend) – you will have to take a small plane or boat to the other islands. The plane is reasonably priced (about $150 round trip), or you can take a water taxi which is significantly cheaper but takes a little more time. Overall this is still a budget friendly trip!