A lot of us look forward to traveling, whether it is for leisure or business. It can be a lot of fun but can also wreak havoc on the sleep quality. Lack of sleep will lead to low productivity and could ruin your holiday. To get the most out of traveling and to catch up on your sleep, follow these tips. 


  1. Follow the two-day rule

If you are traveling for a short period of time and expect to be back home in two days, you need to stick to the normal routine and schedule. Your body will take two days to adjust to a change in schedule and if the trip is less than two days, you will not have the time to adjust. So do not make the situation worse by trying to change the routine. It will be easier to stick to your routine and adjust yourself to the local schedule and time. Keep the body in tune with regular habits. 

  1. Choose hotels with sleep amenities

There are many hotels that go above and beyond to ensure that you sleep well. When booking a hotel for your stay, check the sleep amenities they offer. Many hotels have a dream menu that includes various items to enhance your sleep including nightlights, blinds, heating pads, water pillows, memory foam neck pillows, and more. You just need to find a hotel that ensures quality sleep. 

  1. Take Vitamin B

If you want to maintain alertness when traveling and are keen to avoid jet lag, take vitamin B supplements. You can look for vitamin B6, B12, and even riboflavin with vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, or magnesium to help fight off the effect of fatigue and stress. They will also help boost the immune system of your body. 

  1. Earplugs

You do not know the type of sound levels you will face when traveling. Whether you are in a plane or the hotel, or even lying by the pool, earplugs are small in size but can work wonders. You can reach a calm, mental state anywhere with them. If you forget to carry the earplugs, you can consider carrying a part of noise canceling headphones to do the job. 

  1. Sleep mask

If you are traveling in bright conditions or cannot sleep due to the overhead light, you can use a sleep mask. It will block unwanted light and put you to sleep. It is best to look for one that is adjustable and will not irritate you. Pick one that is light in weight and thoroughly blocks all the light. 

  1. Inflatable neck pillow

You will come across ample choices when it comes to travel cushions out there but there is nothing as comfortable as an inflatable neck pillow. It will come in handy when you want to catch up on some sleep in uncomfortable places. The pillow is light in weight and will ease the discomfort from sleeping. It will also reduce the risk of waking up with your head on someone’s shoulder. 

  1. Try to stick to your local time

If you feel jet-lagged in a new time zone, you must try to avoid taking a nap during the day. It will prolong the effects of jet lag and will leave you open-eyed at night. You must try to get your eating and sleeping habits in line with this time zone. Follow your routine but try to stick to the local time. It will help the body adjust quickly. 

  1. Do not workout close to the bedtime 

There are times when you may feel like exercising at odd times. But it is best to avoid doing so. You must stick to the local time and not exercise at least two hours before your bedtime. When you exercise, it will stimulate the brain and will get the blood flowing which will make it harder for you to relax.

  1. Carry a scent of home

You can bring a scented candle from home with you on the vacation. Right before bed, spend a few moments of meditation or take a relaxing bath near the candle. It will help you relax and find comfort in the new place. 

Keep these tips in mind when you are troubled with sleep on your travel. You need to make sure that you get complete eight hours of sleep a day before traveling. This will ensure that you start your journey in the right manner. Take care of your body and try to cut down on caffeine. You will only be able to perform well when you have had a good night’s sleep. No matter where you are traveling, keep yourself well-fed and hydrated. Remember to carry sleep essentials like earplugs and masks to eliminate the disturbance in the form of light or sound.