Be it a staycation, cross-state road trip, or an international tour, there are some essential things that you should carry with you. While packing may seem like a simple task, it is an art and a science that most travelers learn the hard way. Amidst the excitement of your upcoming vacation, you may end up leaving some of the vital items like your medicine. Carrying all essentials is necessary, especially in a world recovering from the effects of the coronavirus.

10 Things You Should Pack Before Your Trip

Daily medication

When packing your essentials, ensure that you pack your medication in your carry-on bag. When you pack your medication in the checked-luggage, you run the risk of it getting stolen. Additionally, your luggage could get lost and you may find it nearly impossible to get a refill in faraway destinations. Apart from your prescriptions, remember to pack any other over-the-counter medication that you may need during your flight.

Reusable water bottle

You need to keep your body well-hydrated. However, airplanes are often dry, and the little water bottles you’re given on the plane won’t help to keep you hydrated. You can fill your reusable water bottle with tap water after you go through the security check. Reusable water bottles are cheap, environmentally friendly, and they can actually keep water cold, even when you visit hot destinations.

Hand sanitizer and wipes

To protect yourself from harmful bacteria and viruses, you need an easy way to sanitize your hands. The CDC recommends using an alcohol-based sanitizer that has at least 60 percent alcohol. You can buy your hand sanitizer in a local store or even make your own. You can follow the WHO do it yourself guide to make your hand sanitizer using aloe vera gel, 96% ethyl alcohol, and a travel bottle.

Phone charger

Regardless of how great your phone’s battery is, don’t assume that it will have enough juice to last you until you arrive at your hotel. Ensure that you always have your charger with you when traveling in case you need to boost your phone. This is especially important if you need to move from one point to another.

Portable power bank

You will use your phone more when traveling, like pulling board passes, looking for directions, and keeping in touch with your friends and family. Plus, you may go outside coverage areas, which may drain your battery faster. Also, access to power outlets is not guaranteed when traveling. 

Travel router

When traveling, connecting to the internet can be a hit or miss. However, one thing you can be sure of is that a wired connection will often be more reliable than a wireless connection. This is especially the case in hotels. Therefore, ensure that you carry a travel router. Despite its small size, a travel router is an essential tool if you want reliable internet connectivity.

A packable backpack

You will almost always need to have a packable backpack when traveling. If you’re like most travelers, your carry-on backpack will get full very quickly with different items that you don’t want to carry with you everywhere you go. Therefore, you should consider carrying a separate bag that you can pack and put in your back pocket. Although you can use luggage storage Seattle so that you don’t have to carry heavy luggage when exploring, a lighter pack will come in handy to carry any souvenirs you purchase.


You may enjoy looking outside the window during your flight, but that isn’t enough to keep you occupied. Therefore, you may want to bring a magazine, book, game, or any other source of entertainment. However, avoid anything with a giant hardcover as it may weigh you down. Instead, consider stocking your audiobook or e-reader library – but carry a magazine to keep you busy during take-off and landing when you’re required to stow all your electronic devices under the front seat.


In situations whereby you don’t want to wear headphones, for instance when sleeping but you want to drown the noise around you, you will need to carry a set of earplugs.

Tights or compression socks

If you will sit in your airplane seat for more than four hours, you should consider changing into a pair of compression socks or tights to help blood circulation in your legs. They will prevent your feet from falling asleep and avoid other serious symptoms because of sitting for several hours like blood clots.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re packing for a staycation, an international tour, or a vacation rental, the above packing list will help you prepare for your travels. Just remember to pack your ID, house keys, wallet, medications, camera, phone, tablet, cash, laptop, a copy of your itinerary, and valuables on your carry-on bag.