Traveling is a wonderful experience; it allows you to see the world and experience a wide range of cultures. However, one key thing that you need to think about when you are traveling is how you will have enough money for your travels.  

One great idea for making money while traveling is to freelance. Freelancing is something that makes the most of the skills that you have, and for the most part, you only need your laptop to get the work done.  

While a laptop is the main thing; if you really want to make the most of freelancing while traveling, there are a wealth of other tools that you can try out too.  

Gmail (or another email) 

We know it sounds obvious, but you need an email if you plan to work while traveling. Remember that this email needs to be professional, so if your current personal one is not entirely painting you in the best light, then set up a new one. This is easy enough to do and will be set up instantly ready to use.  

Electronic signatures 

If you are working as a freelancer, then there is a good chance that some of your clients are going to want you to sign NDAs to learn more about the work that they need you to carry out. If you are in another country, then you are going to find it hard to receive these documents and sign them before posting them back, which is where the e-signature comes in. Electronic signatures are a digital copy of your signature and can be added to a variety of documents. 


If you are looking for work and don’t have clients set up, it is good to get yourself on LinkedIn. Think of it as a virtual networking event, a chance to meet people and to get your skillset out there. Not only this, but you sometimes may see companies advertising for their projects to be completed, which means that you could easily apply for projects that need to be completed. It also can be used for blogging, which may be another way to set yourself up as an expert in your particular freelancing field.  

Video call software 

A video call is a good alternative when you cannot meet up with people face to face. This means that you need to ensure that you have video call software in place. These vary, but the best thing to do is to speak to those you communicate with most and see which video software they prefer. Although, you may end up having to have all of them installed. However, they all work much the same and are easy to get to grips with.  

Want to make money whilst you travel? Make it as easy as you can for yourself with these fantastic tools. Try one or two of them out and see if it helps you explore and see the world around you whilst earning as much money as you can.