Right now, most of us are stuck inside and are unable to get out into the world right now. If you’re a free spirit with itchy feet and desperation to travel, you might consider trying in your career goals with your need to change your life by seeing the world. The good news is that this wanderlust can easily be quenched with a few trips away. 

If you want to go beyond the trips you take through the year, think about the five careers that you can take on in the industry. Whether you want to help people with their holidays or you want to get involved in the passenger transportation industry, there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate travel into your career goals. So, with this in mind, we have five carer ideas that will really pique your interest!

  • Travel consultants. There is something so exciting about hunting down the best deals for a vacation, isn’t there? If you love to do it for you, perhaps you’d like to get paid for it? There are many careers you can take on with the travel industry and you can consult with others to build vacations for others to go on. 
  • Flight attendant. If you love to be in the sky and seeing new places, being a flight attendant could be for you. You’ll get to travel to different destinations around the world and as a beginner, you’ll start with shorter flights before graduating to those long-haul options. You will have to check with the airlines to know what the exact conditions are to meet for your job, but with any job, you’re likely to encounter difficult passengers and long hours. You don’t have a specific schedule either so if you can work at any time, you should consider it!
  • Cruise ship worker. You don’t have to be an entertainer or a cleaner to work on a cruise ship, but you do have to want free accommodation and an excellent salary! If you can interact with people from different backgrounds, and you love to see the world, you can get on board a cruise ship and learn to manage people from there.
  • Tour guide. You might not have the freedom to head off around the world jet-setting. However, you might still have a love of adventure and you can spend your time seeing the sights when you’re the one leading the group around. There are so many countries that need tour guides, which opens the world up to you!
  • Travel blogger. Leisure and travel bloggers get so much time to write about the destinations that really appeal to them. You can gain some firsthand experience of so many different destinations and you’ll be shocked at how many establishments will want you to write for them! As a blogger, you can promote local tourist destinations and really get their name out there into the world!

Travel is coming again, and you just have to be ready to dive into the industry.