While you may have initially launched your blog as something of a hobby, a little space of your own where you could share fun travel tips or write about your experiences, there are plenty of ways in which you can turn your passions and interests into a full-time career. However, you need to find a way to significantly grow your audience and gain more attention for your blog in order for this to happen. After all, the more people reading your content, the higher your potential earnings could be. 

However, with hundreds of new blogs popping up each and every day, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. As a result, you need to ensure that you become a self-promotion pro. Here are some tips to get started. 

Make your blog unique. When first entering the world of online blogging, it’s important that you make the most of all the travel blogging tips that are available to you so that you can grow and develop your craft. After all, high-quality content will naturally draw in more readers. However, if you want to build an audience, you need to ensure that your blog is unique by choosing a specific industry niche (this could include traveling on a budget or solo traveling). This will make promoting your blog easy! 

Make the most of social media. Social media is one of the easiest ways to begin promoting your blog to a broader audience. However, it’s essential that you focus on curating quality content for your socials as opposed to posting for the sake of it. In addition to photographs of your travels (and links to your blog), you should also post interesting infographics, including snippets of your latest blog, as this is a great way to grab people’s attention when they are scrolling through their social media. You should also ensure you set up a professional account as opposed to a personal one, so you can study and understand your analytics

Give out promotional items. Promotional items are a great way to raise the platform of your brand or blog – and there are plenty of options to choose from – from stylish tote bags to reusable water bottles. However, whichever you choose, it’s important that they are useful to the readers of your blog (i.e. travel-friendly items) and that they are things you yourself would use. You can find out more and get started on the designing process by checking out this guide on personalizing promotional items.

Work with other writers. Despite popular misconception, other travel bloggers are not your competition – and there’s room for everyone to succeed within the industry. As a result, you can quickly and easily promote your blog by connecting with other writers. Whether this means you create a bloggers partnership, share each other’s content or your socials, or write guest posts on each other’s blogs. This gives you the chance to grow your audience organically and could even help you develop an online community together.