If you want to get out there and see the world and you have no idea how you plan to earn cash to fund your travels, consider blogging. Blogging may not have crossed your mind before, but the content is king and you can document everything you learn when you are away by setting one up to show the world. Bloggers who love travel are all out there, and there are places that you can explore and learn about that you absolutely must get on paper (or WordPress).

Blogging isn’t going to take up too much of your time, and with the right advertising and affiliate links, you can ensure that you monetize your travel blog every step of the trip. You can keep your blog safe with a TroyPoint VPN via your Firestick, too, which means you don’t have to panic about any of your information being stolen! Your life can be immortalized in a blog if you plan the right travel adventure. Below, we have five tips to get your travel blog boosted and ready while you are on the road.

Image Source: Pexels
  1. When you start your trip, keep an open mind about it and about blogging. I promise, it’s not going to take hours of your time and you can write beautiful posts and take amazing photographs when you are open-minded about where you go. Do you have to travel 5-star? Absolutely not – people will still be interested in what you have to say!
  2. Have a focus on your blog and make time to focus on it. You are going to live the high lie on beaches and learning to dive, but you can take 15-20 minutes of your day every day to put out a post or a video blog about what you’ve been up to. You have to make time to work on it if you want to be successful. If you know you want this blog to blow up, give yourself the room to post on social media and upload content – you won’t be disappointed that you make time for both work and fun!
  3. Photography is a must if you are running a travel blog. People aren’t just looking to imagine your travel plans – they want to see the beaches and practically taste the Pad Thai through the computer screen. You need to bring a good camera (treat yourself!) and make sure that you capture those memories in your memory card. Oh, and while we’re talking photography, bring a couple of spare memory cards with you.
  4. No matter whether it’s good or bad, write it down. The food that sucked, the planes that got delayed – make sure that you get it all down. Jot notes on your phone or your notebook and gets it onto paper so that you don’t forget anything. If you see a particular animal, jot it down so you can include it later!
  5. Lastly, set up some affiliate links and money streams for your blog. You want this to fund your food, accommodation, and your next flight!