If you have a strong sense of wanderlust and are finding yourself influenced and excited by online travel influencers, you may be wondering how you can do what they’re doing and start sharing your own travels and thoughts online too. This is where travel blogging can become a serious option for you. When you are a travel blogger, you have your own website and fill it with content from your trips. This can range from photos to written content to videos. Whatever means of sharing your thoughts suits you, chances are, there’s a way to make this work and to share it with the world. Here are some top tips that can help this brand new journey get started in the right direction.

Why Are You Blogging?

First, you need to understand your purpose. Every project needs a goal, as this will allow you to set milestones and ensure your trajectory goes in the right direction. Some people want to blog for money and as a means of work and income. Travel blogs can pay well, whether that’s in cash through direct advertisements or through free travel, accommodation, meals, and other opportunities in exchange for advertising for companies on your blog. Others want to create a blog to share their adventures with their nearest and dearest. Some people simply want a space to use as a journal, where they can gather their individual thoughts and look back on some beautiful memories.

Setting Up Your Own Website

If you’re going to blog, you’re going to need to set up your website. This is the space where you will be able to share your content. Of course, there are countless ways to go about this, but if you want a truly quality space, your best bet is to work with professionals. Unless you have weeks and months to dedicate to learning coding and web design, this will prove faster and cheaper. Specialist web design companies will be able to listen to your individual wants and needs and get the ball rolling, creating a site that matches your aesthetic and individual interests.

Investing in Some Equipment

You may find that in order to create quality content, you need some equipment. Most travel bloggers will have a few basics that they upgrade as they begin to experience more success or as they’re willing to invest more of their individual income into this project. Examples include a good quality laptop to write and post from, a DSLR camera or film camera to take beautiful shots, a drone for aerial shots or sweeping landscape shots, GoPros for more active footage such as diving, swimming, snorkelling or surfing and more. It is also recommended to have a great work-from-home setup so you can effortlessly write your content. This will require a comfortable seating arrangement so you can stay focused and a great internet connection, which can be purchased from Windstream internet. A good set up and the right equipment will guarantee the best results.

Actually Travelling

Of course, it’s all good and well having a quality site and the right equipment, but you need to go somewhere to get your footage. Consider creating a bucket list of destinations. These could be close to home or far overseas. Choose places you love and would love to get to know better.

These are just a few steps on the journey towards becoming a travel blogger, but each will drive your venture in the right direction!